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Dog Training – The Kong Toy

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How to Make Amazing Puppy Dog Food Dispenser-Aqua Dispenser

Let’s cross 1 Million 🙌

How to Make Amazing Puppy Dog House from Cardboard

How to Make Amazing House from Cardboard for Puppy Dog and Kitten

How to Make Amazing Cat House from Cardboard

How to Make Amazing House for Turtle at Home

How to Make Unique Puppy Dog Vending Machine from Cardboard

DIY/How to Make Creative Organizer from Cardboard

How to Make Amazing Puppy Dog Food Dispenser-Aqua Dispenser

How to Make Amazing Puppy Dog House from Cardboard

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The Health Benefits of Dogs

Man’s best friend may be good for your health, too – Dr. Gundry reveals the health benefits of dogs with help from three furry friends. And don’t worry – you don’t need to OWN a dog to enjoy the benefits for yourself!
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Excessive Barking: A Common Dog Behavior Problem

Every dog barks, and some even howl and whine but excessive barking is considered a behaviour problem.

Most experienced dog owners are familiar with common dog behaviour problems, but some may wonder why dogs exhibit these behaviours. Barking, biting, chewing and many other common dog behaviours are often misunderstood and mishandled by dog owners.

Thoroughly understanding the most common dog behaviour problems is the first step to solving and preventing them.

Before you can correct barking, determine why your dog is vocalising, check these quick tips and see which type of barking is your dog doing.

Some clips were submitted by Cristina Silva and Wendy Rau.

Alert/warning barks are the type of barks some owners encourage. They want their dog to alert them to the presence of a danger or suspicious stranger. Warning barks tend to become more rapid as the intruder approaches. Aggressive barks are low in pitch and may be combined with growls. We need to be able to distinguish warning barks from barks due to fear.

Attention-seeking barks are most often used by puppies to get you to focus your attention on them. They can become very insistent and hard to ignore, but ignore them we must.

Play/excitement barks are often short and sharp. These barks are common if the dog gets too excited with the game. Often a time-out is in order.
Self-identification barking is what you may be hearing when your dog seems to be answering other dogs he hears barking in the neighborhood. It is his way of saying, “I am over here.”

Bored barkers simply need an outlet for their energy and a more stimulating environment.

Lonely/anxious barking occurs if your dog is experiencing separation anxiety. The barking can become self-reinforcing as he becomes more stimulated and anxious. Anxious barks tend to get higher in pitch as the dog becomes more upset. This type of barking can be especially annoying to your neighbors.

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How To Train a Stubborn Dog

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German shepherd dog really wants to eat her food!

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Train Puppy to Sit No Treats or Food Dog Training

Train Puppy to Sit No Treats or Food Dog Training



Check out the weirdest cat and dog behavior explained! If you’re a cat owner or a dog person, this top 10 list of pet facts you didn’t know will explain you their language!

9. Dogs walk in circles before lying down
When your dog is about to go to sleep you may have noticed them walking round in circles before finally settling. This can seem particularly weird, especially as they don’t actually appear to be doing anything, but it turns out there’s historical reasons why this happens.
Before being domesticated, dogs lived in the wild and had to be aware of any dangers before they went to sleep. The process of walking around in circles has a number of benefits. First it would create a makeshift nest by flattening the grass for them to comfortably sleep on. It would also disturb any snakes or insects in the area that could have interrupted the dog while it was asleep. It would also be another way to define the dog’s territory by leaving its scent around where it sleeps so other animals would know to stay away.
Even though they don’t have any of these things to worry about when sleeping in your home, the action was hardwired into them when it was necessary, so it remains an instinctual behavior.
8. Cats burying poop
While cats are generally much cleaner than dogs, there’s still one bathroom behavior that baffles owners- why do they insist on burying their poop? Cats do their business cleanly in the litter tray, and then start churning the litter around to cover it up, and spill it all over the kitchen floor in the process.
Research into the practice has turned up some interesting conclusions. It’s thought that the reason for them doing this is linked with submission and as a precaution. In the wild, most animals have an acute sense of smell and can easily identify the odors of urine and feces. This is a particular problem if a predator picks up on it because it can lead directly to the cat and their litter of kittens. To avoid this, smaller and more submissive cats will bury their poop. Larger cats such as lions and jaguars don’t exhibit any of this behaviour at all. Instead they use their urine and feces to mark their territory and let everything else know that they should stay away.
In your home, a domestic cat will see itself as a subordinate to the human owner, so they will continue with this burying behavior. It’s also reinforced because they will likely have seen their mother do the same thing when they were young and don’t know any different. Cat owners are still debating whether the cat thinks it is subordinate…
7. Dogs sniffing each others’ butts
One dog behaviour that always grosses people out and can make for awkward conversation when walking in the park, is their love of sniffing each others’ butts. But what could they possibly get from this? The answer is surprisingly complex.
It all relates to how sensitive their sense of smell is. It is, in fact, between 10 thousand and 100 thousand times better than that of humans, and this allows them to pick up on far more than we ever could. They also have a special part to their nose called Jacobson’s organ that actually lets them ignore the smell of poop and focus on more interesting things.
The main reason why they sniff each other is to find out more about them. The glands in a dog’s anus release chemicals that can be used to determine all sorts of things about them such as their age, gender, and even their mood. It’s basically the dog version of checking out a facebook profile. They can also find out when a female is about to go into heat, and for most dogs it’s a completely acceptable means of saying hello and getting to know each other.
6. Cats bring home dead animals
Most cat owners who allow their pet the free roam of the outdoors have experienced this at some point. You come home to find a small present that has been left for you in the form of a dead bird or other small animal. I’ve gotten everything from a live mole to a praying mantis! But why do they do this when they’ve got plenty of food provided to them?
This is another behavior that has its roots from before cats were domesticated about 10,000 years ago. They would typically have many small meals a day, so would need to catch it in advance for when they needed it. This instinct remains, so whenever they have an opportunity they will take it.
Another reason is the maternal instincts of the cat who is responsible for teaching her young how to eat, hunt and to fend for themselves. Even though most female cats are spayed, so won’t have kittens of their own, it’s quite possible that they see you as part of their family. In order to look after you they treat you in the same way, and bring food home for you to make sure you are well fed.

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Dog Training – How To Train A Corgi

How to Train a Corgi – Learn how to train your Corgi obedience and discover tips and techniques you can use in this video. You can also get more information on Corgi training by getting the FREE Dog Training Blueprint at:

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What Kind of Dog Food Should I Feed My Dog

Welcome Global German Shepherd Family to our Digital Kennel right here at germanshepherdman.com

We’re going to be talking about german shepherd dog food, but since I am German shepherd man of the German Shepherd man.com Welcome to our digital kennel we’re going to talk about dog food Let me tell you exactly what started this experimentation process. I have always fed and we did a video on how I feed and what i feed , and I fed for years a lamb and rice mixture by large company and always loved it, it works very very good. So I was talking to a farmer friend of mine this is this is almost December it’s very end of November right now and in early May this year I was talking to a friend of mine that’s been a farmer forever and we were talking about farming techniques and farming procedures nowadays. I knew that living down in the Deep South I knew that they were taking seeds and modifying them so that they could plant a particular crop like cotton they could plant cotton and then they could go over it and spray the whole field and kill everything in the field but that plant that they had modified the seed right. GMO seeds, so we were talking about that and new farming techniques and how they’re no longer plowing, turning the ground.They are spraying a lot and I was asking him I said yeah i know they do it in cotton and this and that, what about Grains because grains and dog food kind of gotten my attention and he said oh yeah it’s it’s a big deal now I mean it’s now not about Farming. Farming is about spraying and they’re having to do it for financial reasons it’s just the way that they have to do it

In this video I will give you my personal experience on what kind of foods that I feel work with my German Shepherd dogs.

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Dog Health : How to Determine the Age of a Dog by Its Teeth

Dogs have baby teeth that appear at about six weeks of age, but these will all be replaced by adult teeth after six or seven months. Find out how the staining of molars typically occurs in dogs that are between two and three years of age with help from a veterinarian in this free video on determining a dog’s age.

Expert: James Talbott
Contact: www.belleforestanimalhospital.com
Bio: Dr. James R. Talbott is a staff veterinarian at Belle Forest Animal Hospital and Kennel in Nashville, Tenn.
Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge


How To House Train A Puppy And Potty Train Your Dog

How To House Train A Puppy And Potty Train Your Dog

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Learn how to house train a dog or puppy in this video tutorial.

Dog Potty Training Rule #1: Months Old = Hours Your Puppy Can Hold Their Bladder

An 8 week old puppy can roughly hold their bladder for 2 hours MAYBE 3 at an absolute maximum.

It is very important to understand that it’s not physically possible for an 8 week old puppy to hold their bladder for 6 or 7 hours.

The general rule for is that for how ever many months old your puppy is, he can hold his bladder for that many hours.

A 3 month old puppy can hold it for 3 hours.

A 4 month old puppy can hold it for 4 hours, etc.

It is very important to have a realistic expectation for how long your dog can actually go without having to relieve themselves

Dog Potty Training Rule #2: Reward With 3 Treats, Not Just 1

Every time your puppy or dog goes to the bathroom outside we want to reward him.

Every time that something good happens to your puppy after he has done something, the more likely your puppy will repeat that behavior in hopes that that good thing will occur again.

This is the key to house training.

We want our dog to learn that going to the bathroom outside is the greatest thing in the world!

A very simple way to do this is to use a very high value food reward that your dog only gets after he has gone to the bathroom in the correct place.

Reserve the dog treats for your other training – potty training rewards need the be the BEST treats your dog has ever had.

Tiny pieces of chicken, steak, cheese, or hotdogs work wonderful.

But remember, these treats are a reward ONLY for house training.

If you use them too often, they will lose their value and that is not what we want to have happen.

Immediately after your dog has finished going to the bathroom, you are going to give him 3 treats in a row rapid fire style.

The dog has just finished peeing, so you give him a treat and he eats it.

The second he swallows that one, you give him another.

After the second one is gone you give him one last treat.

Not only does your dog learn that pooping and peeing outside gets him the greatest treats ever, but this is the only time he ever gets THREE treats in a row!

This is a great little trick to use to speed up the house training process.

What To Do When Your Puppy Has An Accident

How you react when your puppy or dog has an accident ( and you SHOULD expect accidents) has an enormous impact on how successful you will be in house training your dog.

First, here is a list of things NOT TO DO when your puppy has an accident:

Rub their nose in it
Tell them “bad dog”
Hit them
Put them in timeout
Roll them on their side
Grab them by the back of the neck
If you do ANY of these things in the list above, not only will you make the house training process LONGER, but you will also be teaching your dog to fear you which we don’t want.

Please avoid any of the techniques on the above list at all costs.

Anyone telling you to do any of those things is about 30 years behind in the current research.

So now that you know what NOT to do, what DO we do when we see that our puppy has had an accident?

If you don’t catch your puppy in the act, you just walk into a room and you notice a pile of poop and your dog is no where to be seen, then there is nothing you can do but clean it up.

Dogs live in a very fast paced world, and you need to give them feedback within two seconds of a behavior or they have no idea what that feedback is for.

The two second rule is a very important part of dog training in general, but really comes into play with house training.

So unless you catch your dog in the act of going to the bathroom inside, there is nothing that you can do.

Getting angry with your dog after they have already had an accident will only teach your dog that “humans get angry when they see poop or pee, so I better hide it next time and make sure I don’t go when they are around.”

It is very important that when your dog does have an accident you clean it up the proper way.

There is an enzyme in dog urine that attracts dogs to come back to the same spot to go to the bathroom.

If you don’t destroy this enzyme when you clean up accidents, your dog will continue to go back to the same spot because he can still pick up on the scent.

The best clean up spray that every puppy owner should have is Nature’s Miracle House Training Spray because it is the only thing that completely destroys the enzymes in the urine.

Use that spray after every accident to make sure you are breaking down the enzymes that only dogs noses can detect.

You now know that if you don’t catch your dog in the act of having an accident, then there is nothing that you can do.


3 Naughty Dog Behaviors You Can Fix Without a Trainer

Americans love having dogs at home, but no owner loves having to deal with naughty dog behavior. If you’ve got a dog that jumps, bolts, barks, or makes a mess when their nervous, trainer Karen Harrel from Dynamic Dog Training AZ are showing you how to break those bad habits, with the help of a sweet pup named Dexter.


Teaching the Heel Flip with Pak Masters Dog Training

www.pakmasters.com, Professional dog trainer Larry Krohn shows how he teaches dogs to flip into the heel. Many know how to teach a nice heel but leave out one important part that creates that nice flip. Larry services the Nashville, Tennessee and Bowling Green, Kentucky areas.


Basic Dog Training Tips : How to Walk a Dog

Learn to walk a dog in this free video.

Expert: Jim Leske
Bio: My name is Jim Leske, Animal Behaviorist & Trainer.
Filmmaker: Louis Nathan


Debt Free Slave Free Advice:Make Your Own Dog Food SAVE!!!!!

Starry loves sharing how she saves money and manages to live a frugal lifestyle and a healthy one on LESS. Dog food is so expensive but often we really want our pets to eat good! But its like feeding the kids how can we afford it? On her off grid homestead Starry has taught the dogs to eat from the garden veggies and fruit along with her bulk rices and nuts. BUT she also incorporate CANNED meat!
Canning your own dog food is easy and saves so much money!
Starry actually shops for SALES at the s tore and will purchase meat to can for her dogs! By supplementing with canned meat it makes her dog food go further and cost less! PLUS she control the ingredients!
Here’s Starrys tip for the week!

(Raw pack chicken method here!!!)

CAN YOU DO IT? “Best Composting Toilet System CHALLENGE: FLUSH VS COMPOST!!”



Acupressure For Common Dog Health Problems

Dr Jones shows you what Acupressure is, and why it is effective to heal your dog’s health problems at home. Dr Jones shows you easy to use Acupressure points on your own dog.

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Training A Dog Who Doesn’t Like Treats

We had a viewer tell us that their dog wouldn’t take food when they were trying to teach them a new trick. Trick training is meant to be a great way to spend some quality time with your dog, as well as continue to build a strong relationship with them. So what if they don’t seem interested in taking the treats you’re offering? In this video I have listed a few of the reasons your dog may not seem too interested in following food when you’re training them. Keep in mind, if none of these solutions work for you, it is a good idea to visit your veterinarian, to make sure your dog doesn’t have an underlying medical issue. Dogs who suffer from anxiety disorders may also seem disinterested with food during training. As mentioned in the video, if this is happening to your dog, remove them from the stressful situation and find a location where they can be successful. Lots of calm and reassuring praise can be helpful with dogs who are overwhelmed by stress. Ensure that you aren’t taking the fun out of trick training for your dog. Training your dog to do tricks is meant to be fun for both you and them!

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Stray Dog Behavior Assessment

• Validated behavior assessments can sometimes fail to predict aggressive reactions
• Behavior assessments can unintentionally instigate an aggressive response
• Assessments should be repeated a couple days after first assessment


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