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How To Make Your Own Dog Training Treat Bag

Someone wanted to know about treat bags for clicker training. In this video, see how to make your own dog training treat bag out of nylon fabric. It is really easy. I make my own because treat bags get greasy, rip and break so I think it is a good idea to learn how to make your own especially if you are training lots of dogs.


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“Bass Walker”
Kevin MacLeod (
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Shelter Dog Behavior Evaluation: Cats

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Part of our evaluation we don’t introduce all dogs to cats. Not every dog is going to be adopted to a home with cats and putting a cat through or a room full of cats through a dog and a dog who may do poorly is not worth it. If there is a cat at home, we will do a cat test. Unfortunately, it’s not perfect you know. So our cat test right now consists of walking a dog into the cat room, you know and seeing how they react, that is not a cat moving around loose, that is not a cat in a home, that is not a dog in a home, but we might be able to catch those ones that are just out right, this is just not going to work and we counsel those adopters on like, although we did this is doesn’t mean much, and you want to make sure that if you see anything bad that you contact us or if your concerned obviously you can bring the animal back. But this test isn’t like we are saying… stamp of approval this animal is good with cats.


How To Use A Gentle Leader Head Collar – Professional Dog Training Tips

We will sometimes suggest that a student uses a gentle leader head collar with their dog. Unfortunately, there are a few misconceptions about the gentle leader. It can be a really useful head collar for a dog who needs to be calmer, pulls too much on walks, or generally is too large or strong for their human to take them for walks safely! This collar comes in several different sizes and is adjustable so you can fit it perfectly on your dog. In this video, we’ll talk about how to fit a gentle leader, as well as how to put a gentle leader on your dog. Instructor Steve Walsh will also talk about how to use your gentle leader so it doesn’t cause any discomfort when you’re using it with your four-legged family member.

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Soccer Dog: European Cup

When an unexpected accident leaves a young boy motherless, he must travel from America to live with his estranged father in Scotland. There he finds himself teaming up with a scientifically enhanced soccer-playing dog that has escaped from the evil scientists who designed him for more nefarious means. Father, son and the incredible soccer dog all band together to bring victory and pride to the downtrodden town. © 2004 Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Real Food vs Dog Food Challenge ~ Jacy and Kacy

We’re posting this video for everyone who asked us to try it. Do you think we really ate dog food or was it all a prank? If you are new to our channel or haven’t subscribed yet, please subscribe to our channel to become a member of our Beach Family.
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Dog Health Care : How to Care for Your Dog's Ears

Learn why and how to clean your dog’s or puppy’s ears in this free video.

Expert: Sarah Tingle
Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care.
Filmmaker: Hiu Yau


How to teach a Chihuahua dog to do tricks for treats

Bane the Chihuahua is back demonstrating his arsenal of tricks for doggy treats. Bane is a smart Chihuahua and an obedient one at that. He learned his first trick at just 8 weeks old and has mastered so many other tricks since.

Best way to start teaching dogs tricks is timing and hunger. Make sure the dogs are hungry so earning that tasty salmon treat is a priority for them! Be patient with your dog when you are working together on a new doggy trick and assist them in understanding what you want them to do. Don’t give up and just give them the treats but also make sure to encourage them. One way to do is have them do a trick they already know so they can earn their treat, then go back to the new trick, repeat as needed.

Best of luck to you all from Bane.



puppy potty training poop poo peee toilet litter box kitty kitten .

1. set up litter box and diaper pad
2. keep dog comfy in nice room temperature with rest bedding and treats
3. take your dog in and out of the bathroom when needed
4. give treats only when dog does his/her business in the right place.
5. never punish, never hit , never force your dog to do anything. Slowly reward the correct behavior until your dog figure it out.
6. Always reward correct behavior IMMEDIATELY with love, treats, affection, petting, and sweet talk.
7. It took me one week of constant watch to make sure pup does her business in the right place with full time supervision. BE sure to take pup to potty every 2-3 hours. It’s very important to be consistent the first week.

Good luck


Aggressive English Bulldogs – Dog Training Transformation – DCTK9

In this video Blake Rodriguez works with two dominant territorial English Bulldog’s (GM of Sky Rink @ Chelsea Piers, Ronnie Talerico). The video begins with the results and change in behavior after working with DctK9, and then gets into showing you the issues before, as well as some of the work during. This case takes place in NJ New Jersey

For this case there were food treats used only after establishing needed fundamentals and boundaries (getting them to a neutral level)…throughout Blake used a slip leash to help him connect and teach the groundwork. Throughout the treats and rewards of life in general were used more than anything to teach the dogs that they only get these rewards and get to move forward when acting accordingly.


How to Exercise a Dog With Arthritis : Dog's Health

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Exercise is very important for dogs, especially ones who suffer from arthritis. Learn how to exercise a dog with arthritis with help from a dynamic, holistic and conventional veterinarian in this free video clip.

Expert: Dr. Jena Questen
Filmmaker: Roger Whitton

Series Description: A dog truly is man’s (and woman’s) best friend – if you take care of your pet, your pet will take care of you. Learn all about your dog’s health and how to improve it in certain situations with help from a dynamic, holistic and conventional veterinarian in this free video series.


Train Your Dog to NOT PULL on Walks – Loose Leash Walking

Treats (TruDog)
Head Harness (Halti)
Body Harness (Freedom No Pull)

Remember that your dog is a dog, he doesn’t come prewired to know “not to pull on leash”. A dog is restrained ALL day, confined to a house or yard, finally when the dog is outside, they get excited! Be patient, don’t expect perfection right away, use humane training tools that can make your life easier and reward good behaviour. Loose leash walking isn’t a difficult behaviour to teach, it’s difficult for owners because it takes time to train.


Dog Training | Holding dogs accountable for bad behavior

Here’s a short clip of one of Mochi’s mid sessions. She has been a challenging dog since this behavior only shows when her owners are present. With us, she has been a smart and obedient dog. But like we talk about so often, the relationship is extremely powerful. Mochi has had seven years to practice this kind of behavior. Her owners are just the familiar picture that bring out this old side of her. She is used to throwing a fit and finding that it always worked in her favor. However, it is our job to empower the humans around here. We set the owners up with the right tools, the right mindset, and the right training to trouble shoot these scenarios. As you can see in the video, the more her owner worked her and held her accountable for bad behavior, the more Mochi was willing to comply. Mochi is realizing that her old habits do not work with either of her owners anymore, and her new structured lifestyle will be a game changer in their household.
Jeff Gellman
Solid K9 Training
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2 y/o AGGRESSIVE Great Dane (Dexter) | Best Dog Trainers In Richmond | Richmond VA Dog Training

2 Yr. Old, AGGRESSIVE Great Dane, Before/After

Richmond Va Dog Training
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We offer training service for our dog obedience, dog behavior problem solving and retriever training customers in the following Virginia cities and in the surrounding areas: Richmond, Fredericksburg, Stafford, Ladysmith, Chester, Petersburg, Midlothian, Bowling Green, Ashland, and all surrounding towns!


Make Your Hunting Dog Relax! Gun Dog Training!

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Stella & Chewy's Freeze Dried Raw Patties Dog Food

Learn about our line of freeze dried raw dog food from ingredients to how to feed. Additional information available at:

Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried raw dog food patties offer an all-natural feeding solution featuring premium proteins like grass-fed beef and cage-free chicken plus organic fruits and vegetables. All of our recipes are grain free and gluten free, made with the only the good stuff!

Our raw dog food is also great for picky eaters and our freeze dried food makes feeding raw easy and convenient – no need for freezers or thawing, simply take the food out of the bag and serve. It’s a complete and balanced meal your dog will go crazy for!


Cleaning Dog Teeth with Dental Bone for Dogs

– Dr. Karen Becker, a leading natural pet health expert, explains the importance of brushing your dog’s teeth and why she recommends Mercola Healthy Pets Dental Bones for Dogs.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.


DIY Dog Training Treats Made Easy

Do it yourself Dog training treats with a professional Chef


What Kinds of Labradors Are There? : Dog Behavior & Health

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There are many different types of Labradors out there for you to choose from depending on your needs. Find out what kinds of Labradors are out there with help from an experienced technology and start-up executive with a passion for health and fitness for people and pets in this free video clip.

Expert: Steve Pelletier
Filmmaker: Dustin Kuepper

Series Description: When you become the parent of a dog, the two main factors you need to concern yourself with are behavior and health. Get tips on doggie behavior and health with help from an experienced technology and start-up executive with a passion for health and fitness for people and pets in this free video series.


Dog training – Behavioral Genetics – Jim Ha

Preview Clip
DVD Title: Behavioral Genetics
Presenter: Jim Ha
Full DVD available at:

Dr. Ha covers the evolution of dog and cat behaviors. Dr. Ha talks about genetics of dog disease and behavior, social hierarchies. The evolution of cats and implications for behavior are discussed. Are dogs or cats predisposed to perform certain behaviors, instinct and temperament?


Homemade Dog Food – Crockpot Recipes!

This is our second episode of Canine Cuisine. Today we’ll make homemade dog food the easy way, with a Crockpot! We’ll make two different recipes, one with chicken and brown rice and another with beef and brown rice. Recipes are from and