Next Tournament is April 20th, 2019 – Mill Creek on Table Rock

Next Tournament is April 20th, 2019 – Mill Creek on Table Rock

Table Rock North division of USA Bassin Announces Gear Giveaway & Raffle! Spring Season 2019, Click Here for details!

Pay Online for USA Bassin Tournaments for Table Rock Fall & North Divisions & Membership Cards

Next Tournament is April 20th, 2019 – Mill Creek on Table Rock  6:30 to 3:00! This will be a tourney # 2 of 5 for Table Rock North spring division of USA Bassin National fishing trail

Earn Free or Buy Raffle Tickets for Quality Fishing Lures/Gear! 

Raffle Tickets Can be bought or earned free but Only at Table Rock North division, MO14 tournaments! 

  • $250 ‘Megabass of America’ Lure Coupon for items from their website !

  • $100 Rapala/Storm Coupon for items from their website, 

  • $75 Mega Chomp Lure Company Coupon for their custom made lures from their website, 

  • $50 Okeechobee ‘Fat Boy’ Tackle Bag with (2) 370 size Utility boxes included (holds 4 total) !

Earn Free Raffle Tickets for for every tournament fished within the Table Rock North division schedule!

  • Fish 1 tournament, 1 free tickets!
  • 2nd tournament fished, 3 free tickets!
  • 3rd tournament fished, 5 free tickets!
  • 4th tournament fished, 8 free tickets!
  • 5th tournament fished, 10 free raffle tickets!
  • The more you fish, the more raffle tickets you get for free.
  • Each team then can buy additional raffle tickets only at tournaments they enter at a rate of 3 for $5.00 or 7 for $10!

Tickets will be sold at our May 4th OPEN at Aunts Creek at a rate of 2 for $6 or 4 for $10, maximum of 10 can be purchased! No free tickets for entry however, and must be present at the June 1st weigh in at Cape Fair Marina, to win if your number(s) is drawn!!

Pay below to receive lower boat numbers and also a  ‘free lure’! See Complete Schedule below!!


For those paying for tournament entries online, beginning this season 2019, we are giving a ‘free’ Mega Chomp Lure Co lure or Rapala or Storm crankbait, after the weigh in at the ramp to everyone who paid through this link for their entry into our Fall or North division tournaments! Be sure and see me, Randy Yancey if you have one coming, after the weigh in!  This is to thank you for paying early, and it will be our choice as to whether the lures given are jigs, sliders, buzzbaits etc.

Table Rock Lake North Division of USA Bassin National Tournament Trail 2019 Bass Fishing Tournament Schedule!

  1. March 24th, 2019    Aunts Creek Ramp     7:00am to 3:00pm TRL Div. 1 of 5
  2. *April 14th, 2019       Cape Fair Marina     will be rescheduled    TRL Div. * of 5
  3. April 20th, 2019       Mill Creek Ramp          6:30am to 3:00pm   TRL Div.2 of 5
  4. May 4th, 2019  $100 OPEN Aunts Creek 6:30am to 2:30pm  OPEN TO ALL
  5. May 19th,2019        Mill Creek Ramp            6:00am to 4:00pm  TRL Div.4 of 5
  6. June 9th, 2019          Cape Fair Marina          6:30am to 3:00pm  TRL Div.5 of 5
  • *April 14th tournament will be held in conjunction with the May 4th Open tournament and will be used to count toward USA Bassin points and to determine division champion!! 
Also, to get more and more fishermen in SW Missouri fishing these fish catching, custom made Mega Chomp Lures,the owner of Mega Chomp Lures, Johnny Smith is allowing us to give any of our USA Bassin or Largemouth Bass Nation tournament fishermen a 25% discount on orders placed via their website! Use code ‘TCBC25’ at checkout and receive 25% off your orders using this code!!

Click this link, and browse around and check some of the best quality, bass catching lures available today! As I said above, at checkout, enter ‘ TCBC25’ to receive your discount!!

Cash Only Accepted at the Ramp & USA Bassin Membership cards will be available if you don’t have one!

Enter Online Below!

Get lower boat number and get a free Mega Chomp Lure with online entry!!

Deadline is the day ‘before’ the tournament until 6pm CST!



Team Entry and/0r Card(s)

Either print your receipt from paypal, or take a picture on your cell phone to show to the director at the ramp day of tournament!

Cash Only Accepted at the Ramp!

If for some reason the above ‘add to cart’ link does not work, go here and use this cart!

Shortlink url;

Oh, and the bass are really beginning to bite!!

For most recent results, go here, and select Table Rock North division MO14

Hanging out with G Man Gerald Swindle at Table Rock Lake

A special stop on our #EastboundAndUp Tour thanks to our friends at Bass Pro Shops and Toyota. We travel from WI to Springfield, Missouri to meet with the Bass Pro and Toyota fishing team to do a little fishing amongst surface striking largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and spotted bass on the…


Bass Fishing Tips for Rip Rap Banks

These are some bass fishing tips techniques for fishing rip rap and rock banks that I’ve come to learn. Fishing a spinnerbait in the early morning or in windy …


Winter Jig Fishing Basics | When, Where, and How to Fish Jigs for Winter Bass

If you saw my last video on my top baits in each season, you know a jig is my best fishing lure year-round. So, based on your comments in that video, I made a complete guide to bass fishing with jigs in the winter time. In this video, I show you when, where, and how I fish jigs for bass in the…


Gigantic Lure Giveaway!! ($10,000 Retail Value) ‘Year of Lures’ From Bassin Fools

Gigantic Lure Giveaway!!

‘Year of Lures’ From Bassin Fools & Mega Chomp Lure Company

We’re going to giveaway 1000 Mega Chomp lures ( a $10000 retail value), in the next 12 months! Like and Subscribe and you are Entered!!

Then, Comment with ‘I Subscribed’ in the comment section below!
Contest ends at 100K subscribers or June 30th, 2019, whichever comes first! Good Luck!

We are giving away ‘2’ Mega Chomp Lures by drawing for every ‘100’ new subscribers to our Youtube channel!
In other words, one lucky subscriber from ALL subscribers, wins one, and 1 from the every NEW 100 subscribers wins 1 too!
Contest starts June 27th, 2018 and runs through June, 2019!
One additional entry for everyone who visits our new bass fishing website, and signs up for our ODB newsletter with the signup form on the sidebar!. Good luck and tightlines, Randy Yancey, APO Website Group of Springfield, Mo.&, and Lures made and designed by Mega Chomp Lure Co, Linneus,

How To Make Your Own Dog Training Treat Bag

Someone wanted to know about treat bags for clicker training. In this video, see how to make your own dog training treat bag out of nylon fabric. It is really easy. I make my own because treat bags get greasy, rip and break so I think it is a good idea to learn how to make your own especially if you are training lots of dogs.


TWITTER: @AllDogsAreSmart

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“Bass Walker”
Kevin MacLeod (
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SMALLIES in this Lake??? Fall Bass Fishing at Lake Octoraro

Early fall bass fishing at Lake Octoraro! I’ve fished this lake a few times in the past, all during tournaments, and with a tournament coming up in a couple weeks I figured I’d get out there to see what the bass are up to…

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How to Train Puppies : How to Crate Train Your Puppy

Crate train your new puppy in this free video.

Expert: Melanie McLeroy
Bio: Melanie McLeroy co-owns the award winning Taurus Training dog training facility in Austin, Texas. She is also certified in animal CPR and first aid.
Filmmaker: EV studios


Model Golf Swing paired with Tour Tempo 24/8

***Note the audio got out of sync with the video after the second swing on youtube which screws up the demonstration, but pay attention to the first swing or two and you’ll get the idea*** Let me know if you care and I’ll try to upload some more examples… This is a 5-iron swing from the model pro from the EXCELLENT book SWING LIKE A PRO (…sync’d with the 24/8 timing from the book TOUR TEMPO. Both the model pro and the 24/8 tempo have been developed/verified by study of 100+ PGA pros. 1st beep-take away, 2nd beep-transition, 3rd beep-impact. Check out the reviews on these two books at amazon and read them if you want to improve your golf game. ADDENDUM…also check out THE IMPACT ZONE. Also google….all GREAT!!!!!!!!!


The Differences Between A Largemouth And Smallmouth Bass

The most distinctive characteristic is the jaw. With the mouth of the Bass closed the largemouth’s jaw will extend beyond the eyes where the Smallmouth’s jaw stops approximately at the eye midpoint.

Check out our articles for baits and habitats. …


Shelter Dog Behavior Evaluation: Cats

For more information about these topics please visit
Part of our evaluation we don’t introduce all dogs to cats. Not every dog is going to be adopted to a home with cats and putting a cat through or a room full of cats through a dog and a dog who may do poorly is not worth it. If there is a cat at home, we will do a cat test. Unfortunately, it’s not perfect you know. So our cat test right now consists of walking a dog into the cat room, you know and seeing how they react, that is not a cat moving around loose, that is not a cat in a home, that is not a dog in a home, but we might be able to catch those ones that are just out right, this is just not going to work and we counsel those adopters on like, although we did this is doesn’t mean much, and you want to make sure that if you see anything bad that you contact us or if your concerned obviously you can bring the animal back. But this test isn’t like we are saying… stamp of approval this animal is good with cats.


Bass Fishing Harris Chain – Lake Beauclair

Bass Fishing Nov. 17, 2018 on Lake Dora, Lake Beauclair and Apopka/Beauclair canal in central Florida.


EMERGENCY BROADCAST: Social Media Giants Announce Plan To Censor Free Speech – War Room Full Show

Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we’re reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free live video feed link with your friends …


How To Use A Gentle Leader Head Collar – Professional Dog Training Tips

We will sometimes suggest that a student uses a gentle leader head collar with their dog. Unfortunately, there are a few misconceptions about the gentle leader. It can be a really useful head collar for a dog who needs to be calmer, pulls too much on walks, or generally is too large or strong for their human to take them for walks safely! This collar comes in several different sizes and is adjustable so you can fit it perfectly on your dog. In this video, we’ll talk about how to fit a gentle leader, as well as how to put a gentle leader on your dog. Instructor Steve Walsh will also talk about how to use your gentle leader so it doesn’t cause any discomfort when you’re using it with your four-legged family member.

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SPRING Jerkbait Fishing for BIG BASS! Tips To Catch More Fish!

Went out for a couple hours to fish with a jerkbait for big bass on my home lake! Let me know if the tips I give in this video were helpful. I hope to try and give educational tips in everyone of my videos! New? Please SUBSCRIBE for more fishing videos as my channel just started in 2018!…


Find Your Best Grip: Golf Grip Tips

Listen to the full episode here:

We go against conventional wisdom here, but after looking at a few positions in your swing, you too can more easily find your best golf grip. Be aware, as we work together your swing plane will simplify and improve, as it does, you may need to adjust your grip to take advantage of your new simplified action. Let’s tee it up!

#golfgriptips #golfgrip

If you want to know how to use practice methods and inexpensive technology to make real, lasting improvements to your golf game, please visit

Please remember: Better data always means better golf


Soccer Dog: European Cup

When an unexpected accident leaves a young boy motherless, he must travel from America to live with his estranged father in Scotland. There he finds himself teaming up with a scientifically enhanced soccer-playing dog that has escaped from the evil scientists who designed him for more nefarious means. Father, son and the incredible soccer dog all band together to bring victory and pride to the downtrodden town. © 2004 Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Midwest Gambler Rally Spring 2017

The Midwest Gambler family got together for a spring rally at Table Rock Lake (Cape Fair) March 30-April 1. 8 Gs made it out. Good times. Good people! Video compilation by Cameron Jackson.


Real Food vs Dog Food Challenge ~ Jacy and Kacy

We’re posting this video for everyone who asked us to try it. Do you think we really ate dog food or was it all a prank? If you are new to our channel or haven’t subscribed yet, please subscribe to our channel to become a member of our Beach Family.
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This is a full weekly practice schedule used by college golfers (aka some future PGA Tour pros).

(You’ll have to make your own copy. If I let you edit this one, everyone will be editing the same sheet = carnage!)



Music Title ➞ Joakim Karud – Lowrider
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Kayak Bass Fishing Table Rock Lake

Follow along as I fish a KBF trail event on Table Rock Lake.


Paul Elias on Crankbaits | Bass Fishing

Learn deep crankbait fishing tips from the man who knows – Paul Elias! How To Fish Crankbaits: Come check out the best Bass …


Biker accused of eluding cops, posting chase video online

A motorcyclist who posted a helmet cam video as he fled police in December was arrested Wednesday, police said.


Dog Health Care : How to Care for Your Dog's Ears

Learn why and how to clean your dog’s or puppy’s ears in this free video.

Expert: Sarah Tingle
Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care.
Filmmaker: Hiu Yau



In this video I teach you how I love to Fish my favorite home town river! I show you some amazing lures that will get you on the fish and show you some awesome steelhead action! In this video I also show you some of my highlight catchs from the Mill Creek!


How to teach a Chihuahua dog to do tricks for treats

Bane the Chihuahua is back demonstrating his arsenal of tricks for doggy treats. Bane is a smart Chihuahua and an obedient one at that. He learned his first trick at just 8 weeks old and has mastered so many other tricks since.

Best way to start teaching dogs tricks is timing and hunger. Make sure the dogs are hungry so earning that tasty salmon treat is a priority for them! Be patient with your dog when you are working together on a new doggy trick and assist them in understanding what you want them to do. Don’t give up and just give them the treats but also make sure to encourage them. One way to do is have them do a trick they already know so they can earn their treat, then go back to the new trick, repeat as needed.

Best of luck to you all from Bane.


3 Stretches for More Shoulder Turn in Your Golf Swing! We are loving the feedback we are getting about limitations you are having in your golf swing. This week addresses flexibility and how it relates to gaining more shoulder turn in your golf swing. Here are three simple exercises that you can do to increase your flexibility for more shoulder turn!