Catching Bass At Mill Creek on Table Rock

Catching Bass At Mill Creek on Table Rock

Four Hours at Mill Creek Bass Fishing!


Had a fun afternoon Bass Fishing at Table Rock lake today.

Fished 4 hours this afternoon, caught one nice keeper and a couple shorts.

56-58 degree water, had a problem with slime moss on
most the wind blown banks.

But when I didn’t catch some moss first, I got a few bites!

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Mojo Rig for warm water summer big bass!

Mojo Rig for warm water summer big bass! Great ‘how to’ video!

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Face to Face with a mountain lion in the woods in Oregon! 

Scares the crap out of a person!

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Face to Face with a mountain lion in the woods in Oregon! 

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Then, a mountain lion screams in the woods!

Most Efficient Solar Panel

Most Efficient Solar Panel – 2017

The most efficient solar panels of today!

Solar Panel Efficiency Into the Future!

Largemouth Bass fishing in Maine

Highlights from a recent trip to Maine


Curly Tail Grubs for Largemouth Bass Fishing

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Largemouth Bass Fishing: Rubber Worms and Rubber Frogs

As some of you have asked… I filmed about 30-40 fishing videos in MN and WI over the summer. I wanted to get a head and have enough videos to cover the time I would not be fishing because I wanted to spend time with Iris and Nikki. Im getting to the point where Im almost ready to go out and start fishing in So Cal again. Thanks for watching and supporting my channel. Means the world to me.

Welcome to Johns Fishing Channel! New episode every Thursday!

Im John and I love to fish! I also enjoy pranks and gaming.
Check out my other YouTube channels!

Nikki and John pranksters in love!

Thanks for watching! I love to fish. I mostly chase elusive Muskies,
huge large-mouth, trophy small mouth, walleye, pan-fish, and many many other
freshwater species. I will eventually be getting into
ocean/saltwater fishing.


Know the BASICS of BASS Fishing?!? It’s Simple, Start Here!

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2018 Bass Elite Kentucky Lake – Paris, TN

Come see all the excitement May 4-7, 2018 at Kentucky Lake in Henry County, Tennessee


Top 5 Best Sports Betting Sites/Forums – Fantasy Sports and More

Top 5 Best Sports Betting Sites/Forums – Fantasy Sports and More. | Vegas Insider | |
Listing the best sports betting websites I use for easy navigation as well as best fantasy sports websites.


How to hit the ball straight


How to toilet train your puppy

There are lots of things for your new puppy to learn, and while toilet training may not seem like a walk in the park, the tips in this tutorial will soon turn your pup into a pro.


1st Place Table Rock Lake Bass Tournamnet!!!!! All Flipping!!!!!

What an amazing day on the water with alot of flipping and the heaviest cover…


Using Technology To Catch BIG Bass! | Bass Fishing

Here’s how to use technology, like Google Earth, 2-D and 3-D bird’s eye views from Bing Maps, and all those types of new technologies on your computer to help …


NHL Players Who Will Be TRADED Before 2019

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Noodle Fishing on Mill Creek Reservoir May 31,2017

This was our first big cat catch of the day.


Tips on Fishing Hair Jigs for Bass

This oldie has made a strong comeback and is producing big in waters with a shad forage base. Jason Sealock walks through a little history and delves into how …


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Open source drives better technology in PaaS | #BuiltByYou

Using the example of .Net in Cloud Foundry, Omri Gazitt, HPE Cloud’s VP of Engineering, shares how diverse contributions in an open source project leads to better…


MLB Making Errors On Easy Plays

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Dogs establishing rank and dominance, posturing behaviour to avoid conflict

Watch as this German Shepherd and Husky ( both bitches ) establish superiority and deference within a few moments of communication using only low vocals and posturing. Dominance depends on how you interpret it. Using the term dominance as an excuse to use physical punishment in a bid to establish leadership or becoming the pack leader is a complete misunderstanding and misuse of the concept. Dominant dogs project a presence and in most instances do not resort to fighting. Their ritualised displays are understood and accepted by other dogs and generally avoid conflict. Suggesting that the use of physical force towards a dog is interpreted by that dog as you being dominant, or alpha, or the pack leader is absolutely ludicrous. Unless you look like this ^^^, sound like this, move and smell like this – In fact, unless you ARE this ^^^, then your most likely outcome through the use of physical ‘dominance’ is a fearful avoidance/submission caused by confusion in the dog. Jamie penrith take the lead dog training


Table Rock Lake RCBC 1st Tournament of 2018

Table Rock Lake (West End; Past Shell Knob Bridge)
March 24, 2018

3 out of the 5 I caught the entire day

Fish #1: Jig; Strike King Andy Montgomery Skipping Jig Blue Craw with Strike King Rage Bug Okeechobee Blu as trailer

Fish #2 and #3: Alabama Rig; Yum Flashmob Jr. Top two swivels removed…



After spending a whole week on the struggle bus trying to catch winter bass we finally found the juice! Do me a favor and hit the like button and turn on post …


Cris Carter reveals the key to Antonio Brown staying dominant in the NFL | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

In his conversation about Pittsburgh Steelers’ veteran Antonio Brown, Cris Carter reveals the key to staying dominant as an older wide receiver in the NFL.

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Cris Carter reveals the key to Antonio Brown staying dominant in the NFL | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright


Bass Fishing Tournament!! BATTLE OF THE JON BOATS!!!

Today we decided to take the jon boats head to head in a 2v2 best five tournament! Each person threw in 10 dollars to the pot for an ultimate jon boat showdown!!
Figure the fish out and capitalize on every bite!
Who will walk away with the win!!
Stay Tuned to find out!!
Thanks for…


Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass with Mike Schultz: Re-Discover Your Region #4

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How to chip a golf ball

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Table Rock Lake @ Kimberling City

Levi and I slaying small mouth bass on Table Rock.
Audio from my action cam was all messed up because i am a noob, so just added music .
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