Next Tournament is June 9th, 2019 – Cape Fair on Table Rock!!

Next Tournament is June 9th, 2019 – Cape Fair on Table Rock!!

Pay Online for USA Bassin Tournaments for Table Rock Fall & North Divisions & Membership Cards

Next Tournament is June 9th, 2019 – Cape Fair Marina ramp on Table Rock! 6:30 to 3:00! This will be a tourney # 5 of 5 for Table Rock North spring division of USA Bassin National fishing trail!  This Tournament will DECIDE Table Rock North Division Champions!!

Table Rock North Division standings as of May 28th!

For complete results for all USA Bassin divisions nationwide, go here,!

Team                                                      Place       Caught     TTL. Wgt        Big         Points

  1. Kyle Moore/ Andy Archdale             1                  18              47.87            5.21           389
  2. Jared Tourville/Marcus Sherman   2                 12               27.46            3.43         372
  3. Randy & Westin Yancey                     3                 5                 12.16             2.88          366
  4. Tim Johnson/Simon Tapprich          4                 15               34.14            2.78          288
  5. David Rice/David Quick                      5                 15                33.65          3.60          287

Earn Free or Buy Raffle Tickets for Quality Fishing Lures/Gear! 

Raffle Tickets Can be bought or earned free but Only at Table Rock North division, MO14 tournaments! 

  • (2) $75 Mega Chomp Lure Company Assortments of their custom made lures (Each Includes 3 Spinnerbaits, 2 Inline buzzbaits, 2 – 2 packs of Jigs, and 2 – 2 packs of Skirted Slider Weights, our choice of colors and weight! 

  • $50 Okeechobee ‘Fat Boy’ Tackle Bag with (2) 370 size Utility boxes included (holds 4 total) !  Given Away 4-20-2019

Earn ‘5’ Free Raffle Tickets for for every tournament fished within the Table Rock North division schedule!

  • The more you fish, the more raffle tickets you get for free.
  • Each team then can buy additional raffle tickets only at tournaments they enter at a rate of 4 for $5.00 or 10 for $10!

Must be present at the June 9th weigh in at Cape Fair Marina, to win if your number(s) is drawn!!

Pay below to receive lower boat number! See Complete Schedule below!!


For those paying for tournament entries online, beginning this season 2019, we are giving a ‘free’ Mega Chomp Lure Co lure or Rapala or Storm crankbait, after the weigh in at the ramp to everyone who paid through this link for their entry into our Fall or North division tournaments! Be sure and see me, Randy Yancey if you have one coming, after the weigh in!  This is to thank you for paying early, and it will be our choice as to whether the lures given are jigs, sliders, buzzbaits etc.

Table Rock Lake North Division of USA Bassin National Tournament Trail 2019 Bass Fishing Tournament Schedule!

  1. March 24th, 2019    Aunts Creek Ramp     7:00am to 3:00pm TRL Div. 1 of 5
  2. *April 14th, 2019       Cape Fair Marina     will be rescheduled    TRL Div. * of 5
  3. April 20th, 2019       Mill Creek Ramp          6:30am to 3:00pm   TRL Div.2 of 5
  4. May 4th, 2019  $100 OPEN Aunts Creek 6:30am to 2:30pm  OPEN TO ALL/ & Makeup April 14th Tournament (This is Tourney 3 of 5 division tournaments)
  5. May 18th,2019        Mill Creek Ramp            6:00am to 3:00pm  TRL Div.4 of 5
  6. June 9th, 2019          Cape Fair Marina          6:30am to 3:00pm  TRL Div.5 of 5
  • *April 14th tournament will be held in conjunction with the May 4th Open tournament and will be used to count toward USA Bassin points and to determine division champion!! 
Also, to get more and more fishermen in SW Missouri fishing these fish catching, custom made Mega Chomp Lures,the owner of Mega Chomp Lures, Johnny Smith is allowing us to give any of our USA Bassin or Largemouth Bass Nation tournament fishermen a 25% discount on orders placed via their website! Use code ‘TCBC25’ at checkout and receive 25% off your orders using this code!!

Click this link, and browse around and check some of the best quality, bass catching lures available today! As I said above, at checkout, enter ‘ TCBC25’ to receive your discount!!

Cash Only Accepted at the Ramp & USA Bassin Membership cards will be available if you don’t have one!

Enter Online Below!

Get lower boat number with online entry!!

Deadline is the day ‘before’ the tournament until 9pm CST!



Team Entry and/0r Card(s)

Either print your receipt from paypal, or take a picture on your cell phone to show to the director at the ramp day of tournament!

Cash Only Accepted at the Ramp!

If for some reason the above ‘add to cart’ link does not work, go here and use this cart!

Shortlink url;

Oh, and the bass are really beginning to bite!! We caught these three in just over an hour, May 26th after  5:00 pm!

For most recent results, go here, and select Table Rock North division MO14

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Drip Email Marketing Software Review – Get an All-Access Look at our Drip Account

Welcome to the tools of the trade series. This is part of the 90 Day Challenge, where we talk about the tools we use in running our business. Read full post here –

This week we are going to talk about Drip email marketing.

We’ve just made the switch to Drip as our email marketing provider. And I think it’s been pretty great for us. So I want to go inside Drip and show you exactly why we like this tool, what we enjoy about it, why we switched over from ActiveCampaign.

This will give you some insights into the thought process behind our decision.

I’ve tried many email marketing software suites – they all have flaws
Some of the tools are just too basic.

Others are too advanced.

And then there’s Drip, which feels just right. It’s like Goldilocks.

So we decided to switch over to drip in mid-2017 and we’re finally done with that switch. It only took us six months to get there.

But really, it wasn’t Drip’s fault. Next week I’ll show you what our old system looked like, and you can see why it took so long.

Here are 7 things we like about Drip, and 3 things that we find annoying about it.

The things we like about Drip Email Marketing
1. Clean, inviting and well organized interface

Drip has a well organized and inviting interface. Most email marketing tools are ugly and uninviting. But Drip has made it pretty cool with how things are organized. It actually makes me want to spend time doing email marketing on it.

Drip has the right amount of information available in the right places. Right next to each broadcast or campaign, there are a few key metrics that show how they performed. These metrics are usually the ones we care about the most.

There’s no need to show the user what they don’t need, which is what many systems do. By overloading us with too much information, we tend to lose sight of the ones that actually matters.

Case in point – ActiveCampaign. The display on this system is clunky and had just too many things.

2. Loading speed

The loading speed of Drip is great. The system handles commands and tasks swiftly, with practically no wait time.

We’ve outgrown ActiveCampaign after using it for the past 2 years. We’ve sent too many email campaigns that we can’t find anything. We’re at the point where searching for emails campaigns has become a pain. And it doesn’t help that ActiveCampaign has always been sluggish.

3. Google Analytics integration

Drip has Google Analytics integrated right inside the email editor. Each time we add a link, we can choose to turn on Google Analytics campaign variables for that link. The campaign variables are populated automatically, but you can also edit them right in line.

This is awesome because most people don’t want to learn how to use UTM variables or they’re not too sure about it. This feature just does it for you, automatically.

You can also set UTM defaults are the account level. This time saving feature also saved us from many tracking errors.

4. Conversion tracking

Conversion tracking tells you how people have converted on one of your campaigns. How they got to that offer, the conversion rate, and the conversion value that you’re bringing in.

Drip has one of the best looking conversion metrics I’ve seen in any email marketing suite.

You’ll need to set up conversion tracking on your website and feed that information into Drip. In Drip, you can use the data collected to create some really cool reports.

5. Email editor and preview

Drip doesn’t have any pre-built templates to choose from, so you need to upload them into the system.

We like having control over how the templates look. But importing and setting up templates do take time. Once they’re set up, it’s very simple to use.

There’s a preview tab in the email editor that shows exactly what the email will look like to the users. With this function, you don’t need to send yourself too many test emails to see exactly what the email looks like.

6. Workflow for automation

The workflow for automations visualizes the entire journey you’re sending people onto. The interface is clean and even has a nifty function to show the analytics of every step of the journey.

7. Source code

Drip allows you to edit the email source code right in the email editor. You can work with HTML to create well designed and perfectly coded emails right within the system.

The ability to edit source code should be a given, in every system nowadays. But our previous system did not have this function. It was frustrating because we often end up with emails with weird formatting.

Drip is not without its flaws
Drip email marketing solved some of our biggest frustrations with our previous system, ActiveCampaign, but it is not without flaws.

Here are 3 things that are annoying about Drip. We hope they would eventually improve on these things.

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Hey, Ladies!

I really hope this video helps for those of you need clarity about starting a business.

Step One – Condition your Mindset for Success
Step Two – Get Clarity & Set Goal
Step Three – Learn how to take Action
Step Four -Understand your Audience and find out how to add Value
Step Five – Build an online Presence

If you want the extended version of this training, you can sign up for my build a business in 10 days video training, or feel free to ask questions below!

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