Winter Jig Fishing Basics | When, Where, and How to Fish Jigs for Winter Bass

If you saw my last video on my top baits in each season, you know a jig is my best fishing lure year-round. So, based on your comments in that video, I made a complete guide to bass fishing with jigs in the winter time. In this video, I show you when, where, and how I fish jigs for bass in the…


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Bass Fishing Tips for Rip Rap Banks

These are some bass fishing tips techniques for fishing rip rap and rock banks that I’ve come to learn. Fishing a spinnerbait in the early morning or in windy …


Catch Clean and Cook Bass.

These fish have always been great table fare, but have lost favor as the “Catch and Release” campaign has been very popular. Across the county, this is a very sustainable fishery and taking a few for the table is needed to maintain healthy populations. This is a great largemouth bass…


Emergency Dog Health Care : Clipping a Dog’s Broken Toenail

Dogs’ toenails will often break on their own. Learn what to do when your dog has a broken toenail, in this free pet health care video with tips from a veterinarian.

Expert: Dr Adrienne Mulligan
Bio: Dr. Adrienne Mulligan started her lifelong dream to be a veterinarian at Oakridge High School in Oakridge, Tennessee.
Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler


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Best Golf Chipping Practice and A Hole Out | How To Chip in The Hole

Best golf chipping practice and a hole out. Let’s learn from golf coach Alex Fortey how to hit a chip in the hole and how to chip a golf ball. Golf tips and practice drill for your short game

Alex Fortey from The Art of Simple Golf demonstrates at Lake Forest Country club, a course designed by champion golfer Arnold Palmer. This is the best chipping drill you can use even at home. You see, with any shot around the green, the hole is not your target, a specific spot is… Somewhere where the ball that you have calculated that will roll the ball as close as possible with the slope of the green, club choice and spin etc.
So this golf practice drill helps you perfect your accuracy so you can get the ball close and even in the hole like the demonstration!

Come and learn more and see our resources to help you increase your distances, improve consistency and lower golf scores here

In this best golf chipping practice help you to play better golf. This pitching tips really boost your shot golf game. even in this video lesson, you’ll learn the difference between golf chipping and pitching.

Alex Fortey trying to help you have a better and simpler short game with a fun drill. You can even do at home. We’re talking about the chip shot. It’s not always just chip. It is the hole because really the hole isn’t out to target.

You really want to be training yourself to pick a landing spot for the club that you want. I haven’t sort of test this out too much with as far as is the exact angle for this flag. I just did it approximate but idea is that I’m trying to land it. Just got my pitching wedge because we’re on a bit of an upslope but we can train and practice to have accuracy and consistency to chip through this gate. It means that we have basically got a bit of control through our chipping action and shot game.


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How To Teach Your Dog To Take Treats Gently

In this video, we’ll show you how to teach your dog to take treats gently. Lots of students ask us how to stop their dogs from nipping at their fingers when they try to reward them. In this short tutorial, you’ll find out exactly how to stop this unwanted behaviour!

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Largemouth Bass Nation

APO Website Group of Springfield Missouri has one of the largest archives of bass fishing online today. View thousands of articles and videos on our channels Facebook pages ‘


The 5 Most Common Potty Training Mistakes

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Wiggle Wart Bass Fishing in Early Spring!

Wiggle Wart Bass Fishing! It’s Early Spring in the Southwest MO area and the water should be getting close to 60 degrees. But it’s not. The water is still in the upper 40’s to low 50’s and the Bass are still relating to steeper rock banks. The best baits to catch these fish in this time of…


Using math to putt better!

An NMath customer used our .NET math library to learn to putt better. Specifically, they are using differential equations and polynomial least squares.


Don’t Make Excuses For Bad Dog Behavior – Yorkie & Jack Russell – Don Sullivan The DogFather

Find more information at
“Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog.” Don Sullivan, “The DogFather,” is on location, filming another mind-blowing, instant behavioral transformation.
He challenges the dogs owner with powerful and confronting advice regarding making excuses for her dogs.


Giant (6+ Pound) MN Bass on Leech Lake

All these fish and many more were caught off Partridge Point between Bear Island and Little Bear Island in lily pads and pencil reeds in 1-4 feet of water.