Your Dog Housebreaking Training Needs to Lose This Useless Tactic

Experiencing some frustration with your dog housebreaking training?

Did Fido drop a surprise brown-treat on your carpet?

I know how you feel. More than once, one of my puppy dogs has left "presents" on the stairs, on the couch or somewhere where grandma might step on it as she toddles down the stairs.

Are you, like I used to do, about to rub your dog's nose in it? Stop!

Warning! That nose-rubbing might make you feel better but it will damage your attempts at puppy training.

There is so much bad advice out there from archaic obedience training methods.

Here are three things you must know:

1. Your dog has no ability to remember his dirty deed. He only knows what he is doing right now. The brown gift he laid out an hour ago has no connection to what he's thinking right now.

2. Your violent, nose-rubbing revenge only teachers your dog that she must be doing something bad at the very moment you start rubbing. While you threaten, yell and rub, she learns that being near you is a bad thing.

3. Stop taking it personally. Our dogs are not out for revenge against us. Your dog is only doing what comes naturally. Just like a human baby, your baby dog ​​is not aware of what's right until you spend some time teaching, training and housebreaking the puppy.

The only message a dog's accident is sending to you is this: You have not done the right training. Spend some time learning up-to-date dog information and make smart decisions.

Remember, it's great to love your dog. Train them in how to live with you.

Source by Katie Dolan