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Have you always dreamed of becoming an athlete but just didn’t have the ability? Are you a former athlete that still enjoys the roars of the crowd and the excitement of competition? Are you a huge sports fan and think you have what it takes to call the shots? If so, then Yahoo  Fantasy   Sports  is for you! A growing number of fans, players, and coaches are turning their  fantasy  of becoming a player or coach into a reality with Yahoo  Fantasy   Sports .

With  Fantasy   sports  leagues, they can turn those dreams into a reality. Yahoo  Fantasy   Sports  has several leagues such as hockey, football, baseball, golf, auto racing, and basketball. You can create your own team from dealing with salaries and injuries to reviewing stats. You hold the power at the tips of your fingers on creating and play calling and the responsibilities of the coaching just like if you head couch in real life. The best part of  fantasy   sports  is that you can be matched against other online competitors and couches.

This tests your team against theirs and you have the potential to rise to the top of thousands of online  fantasy   sports  players. It’s becoming a rage and an addictive pastime whose popularity is on the rise.  Fantasy   sports  are a growing pastime that hundreds are getting in on the action everyday. Many families even participate in  fantasy   sports  online as a hobby and it’s quickly becoming one of their favorite pastimes. And it’s not limited to gender or age. Men, women, and children alike are catching the excitement and joining yahoo  fantasy   sports . With so many different  sports  and the variation of  sports  available at Yahoo  Fantasy   Sports , you’re sure to find a fun sport to participate in and find enjoyment for the entire family.

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