XE1 Wedge Review: As Seen on the Golf Channel

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XE1 Wedge Review by USGolfTV


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The XE1 wedge has sparked debate after its many thousands of airings on the Golf Channel network.

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A wedge billed with the description to save you “one shot per hole,” many golfers desperate for change in their golf games flocked to the club that promised to help. We spent some time with the XE1 wedge and although we weren’t overly impressed as an end all to your short game needs, we found that the club has merits in certain areas.

The loft will help golfers get the ball airborne fast.
The bounce (or sole) will help prevent golfers from digging too much and will provide forgiveness.
The weight is light and easy to work with for golfers of various skill sets.
The club is not built with high-quality materials and will not offer elite-level consistency.
The club is built with a square/closed face, leaving golfers only a few options to play.
The club is not built to be versatile, so leaves some to be desired for those looking to improve their shotmaking.

As with any new club, user trial and error is to be expected. Will it transform you into a scratch golfer overnight? Not a chance. Will it maybe help the weekend golfer save a few strokes and gain some confidence out of bunkers or other trouble shots? Probably a more accurate description. In the end, it all depends on your skill set, individual preferences and whether or not you feel comfortable using it. Overall, the scratch golfer will tend to see it more as a gimmick, while the 20-plus handicapper will hope for more than it can deliver. We’ve added a couple links below, as well as our own video review, to help you decide whether or not the XE1 wedge is worth shelling out the dough.

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