Who Drives Better, A Raccoon or A Cat ?! – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – LIVE !

#MarioKart8Deluxe #MarioKart

✦ Never required, always appreciated. ✦

• Discord:
• Twitter:
• Instagram:

• Please withhold from using offensive and mean vocabulary. Bullying won’t be tolerated.
• Maintain a kind and friendly behaviour towards everyone.
• Restrain from promoting yourself or anyone else, unless permission is granted.
• Refrain from repeating the same message over and over again.
• Restrict yourself from using an excessive amount of emojies/emotes/puncuation/symbols.
• If I didn’t read your message in the chat, feel free to copy and paste it one more time.
• You can only post links and codes in the chat if I give you permission.
• Keep yourself from asking to be a moderator or how to become one.
• Make sure all possible spoilers of games/films/tv-shows,series/books are kept to yourself.
• Do not mention nor complain about lag, buffering or any indication the stream is having issues.
• For an equal understanding, please communicate in English in the chat.
• Enjoy yourself and have an awesome time.

✦ Channel Art, Banner and Profile Picture by The Rainbow Lycanroc

✦ Sprite Credit goes to Hydros/@HydroPlays.

✦ Music by
• GlitchxCity:
• InsaneInTheRain:
• SeaSilver:

✦ Animoji & Memoji by iPhone X, Apple.


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