What’s in the Bag 2017 | Blitz Golf

What’s in the Bag 2017 | Blitz Golf

Hello everyone, welcome to Blitz Golf!

I’m Bradley, and I LOVE to golf! I’ve been playing for 12 years and have been hooked ever since.

In this video I’ll be showcasing my “tools of the trade” with a quick look at the equipment I’m using for 2017 – WITB style.

My goal with the channel Blitz Golf is to provide fun and quick golf game-improvement tips & course Vlogs + more! This is my first video on the channel Blitz Golf but I’ve been on youtube as a fragrance reviewer on my other channel “Tripleinc” for about a year now.
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  1. Whats up trip.. i came here from your other channel.. did you go to elyria high school? we might have played each other in highschool because i played for brunswick ha

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