What Kind of Dog Food Should I Feed My Dog

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We’re going to be talking about german shepherd dog food, but since I am German shepherd man of the German Shepherd man.com Welcome to our digital kennel we’re going to talk about dog food Let me tell you exactly what started this experimentation process. I have always fed and we did a video on how I feed and what i feed , and I fed for years a lamb and rice mixture by large company and always loved it, it works very very good. So I was talking to a farmer friend of mine this is this is almost December it’s very end of November right now and in early May this year I was talking to a friend of mine that’s been a farmer forever and we were talking about farming techniques and farming procedures nowadays. I knew that living down in the Deep South I knew that they were taking seeds and modifying them so that they could plant a particular crop like cotton they could plant cotton and then they could go over it and spray the whole field and kill everything in the field but that plant that they had modified the seed right. GMO seeds, so we were talking about that and new farming techniques and how they’re no longer plowing, turning the ground.They are spraying a lot and I was asking him I said yeah i know they do it in cotton and this and that, what about Grains because grains and dog food kind of gotten my attention and he said oh yeah it’s it’s a big deal now I mean it’s now not about Farming. Farming is about spraying and they’re having to do it for financial reasons it’s just the way that they have to do it

In this video I will give you my personal experience on what kind of foods that I feel work with my German Shepherd dogs.

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