What Is A Property Joint Venture And How To Partner With Property Investments UK

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Thinking about property joint ventures. See what we have to offer here at Property Investments UK


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About Our Joint Venture Partnerships

What Does A Property Joint Venture With PIUK Look Like?

A property joint venture with Property Investments UK is an investment opportunity that we will put together but invite people to get involved.

So we will find the property, put the deal together, negotiate on prices and effectively manage the whole process.

This can include any refurbishments that need doing to add value to deal. It can also include reselling the property on to investors.

If the numbers work for you then all you have to do is invest. We will do the rest.

The Properties We Look At

We cover all kinds of properties from semi-detached houses suited to the home-owner market to developments and conversions where large buildings can be converted into flats.

Our Property Joint Venture Strategy

The joint ventures that we offer are typically flip projects where we take care of negotiations, refurbishments and finally a sale to investors.

As such these projects tend to be quite short time frame; usually around six to twelve months.


If you would like to see some examples of deals we have worked on in the past don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’d happily take you through them.

But if you are interested in doing joint ventures please get in touch. It would be great to talk to you further.

We also have plenty of deals currently under negotiation with estate agents, with auction houses and with homeowners directly, which we would be happy to show you.


Get Started In Property With No Money – Using Joint Ventures

JV Deals | Client Testimonial – Stuart Mather

“I have worked in partnership with Rob since mid-2012, focusing on helping Vendor’s who are in negative equity and finding suitable Tenant Buyers. Working with Rob is enjoyable and he is always looking at approaching situations creatively.”

JV Deals | Client Testimonial – Nick Flewin

“We have worked with Robert on a Joint Venture basis for the past 3 and a half years. During that time we have found him to be honest, reliable and professional in all our dealings with him. During this time we have also recommended his property sourcing services to clients and associates all of whom have given us positive feedback.”

Property Joint Venture Case Study – Levenshulme


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