Weird Tailed Bass, Table Rock Bass Pre Fishing for USA Bassin Table Rock Division, 11-11-26th.

Weird Tailed Bass Caught on Table Rock

Bass Pre Fishing for USA Bassin Table Rock Division


Decided to go pre fish Table Rock again on Sunday about noon.

Getting ready to fish my USA Bassin Table Rock FAll Division starting in November.

Wanted to be back for the Chiefs game!

Told my son I’d try some of the new soft plastics he’d sent me from Oregon, where he’d been sleighing the smallmouth bass on weightless flukes!

Sadly, I caught bass on a spinnerbait, 3 different crankbaits, and a TRD on a mushroom head, and on a tube lure.

The weightless fluke I rigged with a screw in bait keeper and a 2/0 drop shot hook. For room in the boat purposes, I brought 6 rigs, instead of my usual 12, leaving home 3 spinning reels and 1 bait caster. I also left my two smaller tackle boxes in the truck, the ones that had my ‘hooks’.

I’m sure if i’d of rigged the fluke with a belly weighted 5/0 or 6/0 hook, I could of boated some fish that way, as there were thousands of shad in the back of the 2 creeks I fished!

Caught two keepers, both just over 15″.

Make sure you check out the one keeper, caught first, as it had a single tail, and a ‘deformed’ rear tail area! It was as if as a fry, it was crushed in the jaws of a predator but managed to escape. Weirdest thing I’ve seen on a bass’s tail!

Here are the links to the crankbaits and the spinnerbait I’ve been catching them on. This pattern is only going to get better as the water temps move from mid-70s to the lower 60s in the next 4-5 weeks.

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Arkie Crankbaits in Splatterback blk/white and Yellow Perch with brown top.

Spinner Bait , Super Shad in Sexy shad chart/wht/blue

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