Using Evanger's Treats in a Box Nose Work Tutorial – Positive Dog Training

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Evenger’s Treats for Dogs gave me a sample so that we could review their product and share our experience with my YouTube subscribers.

They are dehydrated meat so it is really more of a food that is healthy for pets and they love it. They are only 5-6 Calories a piece.

I figured that I can’t waste such a great product on just giving my dogs a free treat and thought I would do a tutorial on a fun enrichment activity using Evenger’s treats. My dogs loved these treats and for those of you that know me and have been following me know that my dog Twix is NOT food motivated. I have worked with him on being more food motivated, but if he had his way he would only play for reinforcement. 🙂 So, for him to love these treats really means that they are good yummy treats.

I love that the treats are made in the USA!

They are wholesome, nutritious, don’t have artificial preservatives and are free from harmful additives. Evenger’s is a family owned and operated business and have been in business since 1935.

We tried the Nothing but Natural Grain Free Jerky Treats that are oven baked. I was really pleased that all of my dogs loved them. They were chewy enough that they would be able to be used easily for dog training and they can be broken up into smaller bites if desired.

The Box Nose work game is a fun activity to do with dogs. Dogs love to use their nose and sniff out “things”. In this game they are sniffing to find hidden treats in a box. You only use one box as the “FOOD” box and only that box gets treats placed in it. Once the dog finds the treats, you can drop a few more treats in that box, then remove that box. Move the boxes around and place the treat “FOOD” box in a new spot. Try to be tricky and not let your dog know where that box is. They will find it on their own.

This is a great rainy day game. It is also wonderful for mental stimulation and for dogs that are active and need a job. It is also a great game to play to prevent boredom.

I hope your dog enjoys the Evenger’s Treats and has a blast playing this game.

Have a great holiday season! Remember to keep your dog safe!

Pam, Isabelle, Bandit and Twix