UFC: The Monopoly

Dana White and Zuffa have done the unimaginable, they have monopolized the American MMA scene. From merging with WEC earlier this year to the ground breaking news of purchasing rival Strikeforce, the UFC sits alone, atop the American MMA world. What does this mean for the casual and hardcore fans alike?

It could mean, on one hand, that there would be an increase in competition spawning super fights that we've only dreamed of. Can you imagine the outcome of fights like Fedor vs. Lesnar, Nick Diaz vs. GSP, and Jacare vs. Poulhares? It may become a reality which would ignite the MMA world to all new levels at this stage in the sports short life. An increase in competition would have unduly brought more money to the limitless pockets of UFC as they gain more and more casual fans. We could see the re-emergence of tournaments now that the talent pool is much deeper. The sky is the limit if everything works out how the UFC is planning.

On the other hand, it could actually be a bad move for the sport. A monopoly of American MMA would eventually lead to a stale product. The most exciting matchups would ever have been done, leaving nothing to the imagination … these super fights that we've dreamed about for so long would ever be nonexistent. With one company owning the contracts of so many fighter, top level talent would be buried in the depth charts. We are already witnessing the same thing happening now, with guys like Joseph Benavidez, the number 3 Bantamweight in the world, fighting on the under card of Pay-Per-Views. Can you imagine adding another 15-20 top tier guys per division? Sure, the match ups might be nice for awhile, but it would be hard to expose some quality fighters. Talent fighters like Anthony Pettis, Cowboy Cerrone, and Josh Thompson could very easily be shunned from television. I do not see how the UFC could properly push talent and build new star with that many guys on the roster.

For right now, at least, we'll have to wait. Although UFC have purchased Strikeforce, they are claiming that Strikeforce will remain it's own brand with it's own television contract. However, with Dana White at the helm, we all know that could be changing at any moment. All we can do is hold on for the ride and enjoy the fights while we are in the moment.

Source by Justin Voss

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