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Winter is over and its time to get back outside with your dog. Its great having play time with your pup but it is not all that fun if your best friend can not listen to your commands. If you are like so many other people who have no idea how to train their dogs, you have probably tried shocking or pinching collars as well as verbal reprimanding.

This spring, why not try out a new version of training called Puppy Clicker Training. This revolutionary new tool uses a high-pitched clicking noise that not only captures your dog’s attention but holds it long enough for you to teach them to sit or lie down. I reside in Silver Springs, Maryland and I can absolutely guarantee that Silver Spring Dog Training is some of the best available.

When your dog will not sit and listen and your commands to your pup seem to be useless, a new tool may be exactly what you need to fix your doggy’s listening issues. My two dogs, a Labrador and a Shiba Inu, are both very rambunctious and do not always listen directly on command. So, for kicks I purchased a new puppy clicker tool and tried it out of my dogs. From the moment I had first clicked the button my dogs had their ears perked up and immediately pointed their attention towards me. I was very surprised because it seemed as if the sound would annoy them, but it definitely worked well.

I contemplated taking my dogs to a real trainer but then realized that it would probably be better to train them myself, that way they understand who is in charge and who is their master. Dog training is helpful but has ultimately failed for my pups in the past. Don’t get me wrong, they are great dogs, they just need a little direction when it comes to behaving around other dogs and people when in public. My black Labrador, Gracie, is a bit older then Maxwell, the Shiba Inu, but she has never completely learned everything about her behavior. This is why I was glad the puppy clicker tool even worked on the older dog. Maxwell, the younger responded very attentively as well, but he was a bit easier.

My dogs were extremely well behaved after I began using the puppy clicker tool and best of all hiring a trainer or taking them to dog classes was not necessary. The tool is great to use at home or at the dog park where there are lots of people. The best part is that the clicker can be heard from far away. So, if you are at the park with your dog and you both are far away from each other try using the puppy clicker tool. A dog’s sense of hearing is already very strong, making it even easier to get your dog to listen and behave correctly.

The puppy clicker tool can work wonders for you and your dog, leaving nothing but peace of mind and silence when you need it in your home. Try it to find out if your dog can behave better as many others have tried and succeeded as well!

Source by Chuck R Stewart

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