Top 10 Successful Dog Training Tips

There are many different approaches to training a dog, and all of them differ in their methods and acts. There are certain qualities that all dog training programs share. These next ten dog training tips are very useful and can be helpful in any dog training program you may choose to implement with your best friend.

1. Make sure it knows who is dominant. You have probably heard the term, “Alpha-Dog”. Dogs are pack animals that co-exist together within a “pack”, or group. The Alpha of the pack is the head dog of the group. Dogs that are members of the pack will always follow the alpha-dog’s lead and submit to him. You are the alpha-dog of your dog’s pack, in this scenario, and you must make yourself known as this. If you don’t establish yourself as the pack leader, your dog may start to walk all over you. When your dog knows that you are the leader, your training sessions will start to go much more smoothly.

2. Apply some patience. Having patience will take you far if you have it during the training of your dog. Most likely, your dog will not pick up on the manners or tricks you would like them to acquire overnight. Even though your dog might appear to be unpromising, you must be persistent and always patient.

3. Keep working at it. Persistence goes hand-in-hand with patience. There are some dogs able to pick up on conduct and tricks in a matter of days. Weeks may pass for other dogs. Sometimes your dog will act as though it has learned a behavior, but later you may find out that it really hasn’t. The training has to continue beyond just short sessions, to make sure that it is fully learned.

4. Always make time for play. Having a pet isn’t just about training. You need to play with your pet, and you pet needs to play with you. If you play with your dog often, you may find that training it will be easier.

5. Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise. Training will not necessarily amount to substantial exercise. Keeping your dog on a regular exercise routine can help keep them in shape and use all that extra energy up.

6. Do not hang onto unrealistic hopes. No matter how much you wish for it, your dog may never do the tricks you see being performed on television. However, some dogs experience more hardship with such tricks than others do. Your dog will be much happier and training him will be easier if you don’t have ridiculously high expectations of what you want your dog to learn.

7. Bribery should never be used. Using treats to train your dog may seem like a good idea, but it may not be. All this does is teach your dog to complete a task for a prize, as opposed to doing it because you wanted them to. Praise and occasional treats are important as reinforcement for positive behavior but you will end up disappointed later on if you use treats to get them to do what you want.

8. Remain Consistent As soon as you have enforced a training procedure and agenda, stand by it. Dogs are creatures of habit, they will appreciate a routine. You will make your dog very happy and your training will be a success if you stick to a schedule.

9. Don’t be harsh with punishment. Discipline is important if your dog should misbehave. However, discipline is to be stern, not cruel. Never shout or strike out at a dog, but instead employ a stern tone of voice – you will be given a more favorable response.

10. Exercise family training. Your whole family needs to be involved in the training for it to stick properly. Things will be much easier if every member of your house employs the same techniques of training.

Source by Ryan Hill

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