Tips On Installing Backyard Putting Greens

In case you wanted to experience the luxury of having your own putting greens at home, why not consider constructing in your own garden?

Refer below for a few tips to show you in installing at the backyard of your own home.

Man-Made or Natural Greens

The best choice for putting greens is the actual or natural greens. On the other hand, the expense of creating a natural green is far too expensive. The installation would require that you spend quite a lot of money and the routine maintenance can be expensive also.

Also, creating a genuine one on your backyard is not simple, so you might need to hire someone to get it done, which would imply that you need to spend for his service costs also. If you wish to save money, then choose manufactured greens that can be of exceptional quality.

Man Made Putting Greens

Man made greens are fabricated grass that is made of either nylon or polypropylene. Although these greens are synthetic, they appear just like the actual ones and the best part of all is that they are cheaper and call for little routine maintenance.

Unlike the actual greens, you will no longer need to trim the lawn or utilize fertilizers. You just need to clean it and free it from dry leaves as well as other debris. Therefore, when it comes to fitting garden greens, go for the artificial kinds.

Set Up

The installation of your artificial greens might take approximately two days, although this will undoubtedly rely on the dimensions of your putting greens at the same time. The small size which usually measures 12″ by 30″ can be simply installed in one day and the larger size, which usually measures 24″ by 30″ can be installed around two to three days.

There are various companies that could fit the putting green for you, but if you happen to be buying the synthetic version, the set up usually includes directions and guides so you might as well just do it yourself.

Listed below are the basic set up procedures:

• Initially, measure the area where you prefer to install it.

• Clean the spot from particles, old grass as well as other items that could hinder the construction.

• Distribute the sub-base material regularly.

• Next, compress the sub-base up to about 4 inches deep.

• Dig holes for the sleeves along with the cups then fill it in with concrete.

• Lay down the putting green into the sub-base.

• Afterwards, trim the outer edges, based on your personal preference and then make several holes for the cups to fit in.

• Utilize 4-inch galvanized spikes in securing the putting green’s outer corners.

So those are the steps in building your garden putting greens. You can even mount sand traps around it if you wish to.

Setting up your personal putting green at your home lets you savor your beloved game anytime you want to, without needing to travel towards the nearest golf course in the area. So invest in a synthetic green now and enjoy the benefits of playing golf right in the comfort of your home.

Source by Lucille M Robertson

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