The Strong Angler Challenge: Redfish Spot Fishing Tournament

This is the first annual "Strong Angler" Redfish Spot Fishing Tournament Challenge brought to you by Salt Strong.

To Register for this online fishing tournament, click this link now:

Here is a message from the fishing tournament host, Luke Simonds (co-founder of Salt Strong):

I have fished in numerous inshore tournaments in the past, and I have always had a great time… but the one thing I didn't like was the fact many literally took up my entire weekend just for one day of fishing.

But the thrill of competing, and the thrill of knowing that my next cast could win me money (and recognition) was too good to ignore.

So I decided to create our own "Strong Angler Challenge" fishing tournament which emphasises the best parts of fishing tournaments (the Thrill of Competition, Camaraderie, Recognition, and a Fun Experience) while eliminating all of the hassle, TIME, and financial constraints.

And our goal is to turn this Online Fishing Tournament Series into the most efficient and most interactive fishing tournament series in the country for any and all types of anglers and experience levels.

What is also really cool about our tournament is that we highly encourage you to enter other tournaments that coincide with ours as well. For instance, if you are in another inshore tournament (like the CCA STAR Florida tournament like I am in), your redfish can certainly count in both tournaments!

We tried to make this a WIN-WIN for everyone involved, and we hope to get hundreds of weekend warrior anglers (that were perhaps too timid or too constrained with their time) to enter their very first fishing tournament… one that they can participate in on their own time.

Finally, we are personally guaranteeing that every 1 in 3 anglers that register in our tournament will win something (Prizes such as Fishing Tackle Shopping Sprees, FREE Salt Strong gear, sponsor gifts, etc). So for every 3 anglers that register, at least one of you will be taking home a gift for your redfish catch(es).

To register, simply click this link below now: