The Pill Golf Putting Training Aid – Immediate Feel And Feedback Anytime, Anywhere

The Pill Golf Putting Training Aid
Immediate Feel And Feedback Anytime, Anywhere

More than a ball – a golf training aid for immediate feedback anytime, anywhere. The Pill Golf™ ball helps you understand your swing by exaggerating flaws for quick detection & correction. Instant insight improves your performance for putts, chips & full shots.

Currently used by over 60 USPGA Tour players.

It’s also one of the most innovative golf training solutions on the market today and one of our best selling products.

The Pill Golf ™ is the only practice device designed to be played all the way to the hole. The Pill Golf™ is a putting aid that will only roll when struck with a square face. This modified golf ball is designed to give you immediate feedback on the quality of your putting stroke. If hit improperly the ball will either lean to one side and roll off line, or tumble wildly. The Pill Golf™ will make you a better, more consistent putter.

Contents – Standard Single Pack

Think of a tire. If you don’t roll it straight, it wobbles around or falls flat. We applied the same physics to a golf ball to create a training tool with major feedback.
Forces you to hit square and center on clubface
Inaccuracies send it wobbling, rolling at a curve or falling on its side
Cambered sides for precision, performance & added training capabilities

Our two-piece molded design distributes weight evenly for an honest roll.
Soft-compression core won’t over compress
Even weight distribution means it can’t self-correct
Feel and performance of a tour-quality golf ball

It’s not just a putting tool. Like the highest quality golf balls on the market, The Pill Golf™ is produced with a Surlyn® cover to withstand even your strongest swing.
Strong enough for chip & full-shot training
Highly resilient synthetic stands up to durability test of the avid golfer
Same material used in the majority of golf balls across the industry
Allows many options for spin & distance combinations

For alignment exercises, The Pill Golf™ should be upright and aiming towards the hole. Give it a swing. What happened to The Pill Golf™’s path as it rolled?

1. “It rolled straight!” Congratulations! Your alignment and stroke were square.
2. “It curved inward, towards me.” That means your clubface was slightly closed at impact.
3. “It curved out and away” Your clubface was slightly open at impact.

Unlike other training aids that force you to keep a birds-eye view to determine roll path, The Pill Golf™ makes it easy to quickly see which way you’re rolling.

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