Sports Apparel

Today I’m wearing the jersey of the team I like the most in the world to go to work. Some of you are actually telling yourself this guy must be crazy. Others are thinking he must be rich and finally people like me are thinking he is right buying the jersey but he should not go to work with it, he should wear it to go watch his team play or whenever his team is playing. Hey enough I’m not rich nor crazy and I don’t get the chance to watch my team live, I’m wearing it because it’s Friday and I want to get the attention of a certain girl. Are you a sport lover?

If you are a sport lover, you should find ways to support the teams and sportsmen you like. By supporting them I mean spending money directly for them, like buying their jerseys or accessories or buy things that these players promote. Personally I prefer to buy a jersey, doing this I’m supporting both the team and the player. That was for people living far from their favorite players.

People living near them have far more options than the ones described in the previous paragraph. They can buy tickets and go watch some games live. They can subscribe to a local fan club and contribute directly by giving money for the team. They can watch training sessions of the team. Finally they can show their love when they meet their favorite players on the street. Sport’s lovers have several ways to show their loves and to live with the fact they love a player, a team but above all they are also expecting something back from this player and this team.

For me it’s obvious, the more fans you have the more you should put pressure on yourself to play well and to succeed. People that are responsible for the team should use the resources they have to build the best team they can, both in terms of players and coaching staff. Now this staffs both players and coaches should work hard for the team to get better. Not all the teams in the world are winning titles, so this should not be the goal. The goal is to build the best team possible and to work hard to finish at the best position possible. All the fans in the world will be happy if they that their teams and players are giving the best for them. It is hard to be a player with a lot of fans.

Players with lot of fans are expected to control every aspect of their lives because too much people are watching them. First you have to work hard so you can always be at the top. Second you have to be an example in all aspects of your life, people tend to act, live and think like the player they like. You also have to give the love you are receiving back, you are expected to give autograph to your fans, to waive your hands back, it’s about showing that you love them too. When everything is well in place the kind of emotions that can exist between a player and his fans is infinite and that’s why I’m a sport fan, I’m in search of real emotions.

Source by Steve Fleurant