Sound Meditation Technique – Tame The Mind

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Sound meditation is a great technique to start with if you’re a beginner. Not only for beginners but anyone can use this technique to further their meditation practices. It will help you tame your mind at the same time so you will be getting an extra exercise out of this. It’s very simple and can be done anywhere at anytime!

To begin all you need to do is sit, lie down, or simply cross your legs in meditation form. If choosing the meditation form then I recommend to keep your back straight as possible and your chin tucked towards your chest as if you’re saluting like a soldier. Relax every muscle from the feet and up to your head. Rest your hands on your lap, legs, or any mudra that you wish to use. Breathe in through the nose and exhale out of the mouth several times. After each breath, feel the relaxation cover your entire body. Then breathe in and out of your nose naturally without force. Have your eyes closed while doing this and simply just be.

Find any sound you hear in your surroundings and focus your attention on it. If you hear something else turn your focus to that sound. Keep doing this until you can come across a sound closest to you. Try not to figure out what the sound is but simply just listen to the music of the world with your eyes closed and breathing at the same time. You can do this meditation for however long you wish and like I stated it can be done anywhere at anytime!

Source by Andy S Adams

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