Small #Aquaponic Indoor or Patio Mini Garden

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This small aquaponics system ( is perfect for indoor use such as in the kitchen, family room, hall, etc… or to be located on a covered patio. The kit is available for sale on our website. You can grow just about anything with very little maintenance. Basically feed your fish and plant then harvest the produce! The fish tank will not need to be cleaned (i.e., a self cleaning fish tank) as the clay pebbles and aquaponic setup will take care of the water balance automatically. If you are unfamiliar with aquaponics, it is an eco system where the fish provide the nutrients for the plants and the plants and clay pebbles (bacteria) help clean the water for the fish.

Genesis G-12 Aquaponics System | Complete Kit Includes 12 Sq. Ft. Grow Bed, 140 Gallon Fish Tank, Pre Cut Plumbing, Pumps, Clay Pebbles
by Endless Food Systems

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