Simple Golf Warm-up Routine

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Simple golf and better scores will always start with better preparation but unlike PGA Tour players I know you you do not have 1-2 hours to prepare for your round.

If you want to playe better and shoot lower scores then hitting a few golf balls on the range with this method will really help you dial in your ideal golf swing for the day.

When you work on rhythm for you golf swing and choose very specific targets for each and every shot you will, I assure you play better right from the first tee.

Start your simple warm up routine with your wedges and pick spcific shot velovity and target and using the same smooth pace of swing, work you way through the bag to the driver.

This is not about swing positions it’s about dialing in rhythm and matching your golf swing to targets. Which is after all the object of golf!

Now here is some thing you may not have ever tried.

If you cannot hit balls on the range before you play, follow the same practice and simple golf warm-up routine but just cut grass and picture every shot and treat it like it’s real .

Focus and pick targets in the distance in your yard or just to the side of the golf course parking lot if needed.

So please give this simple golf warm -up routine a try and let us know how you get on. As mentioned in the video, another good way to practice before you play is to imagine the first few golf holes that you are to be playing and choose the correct club and shot shapes needed to score well on that hole!

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