Shallower Swing for Longer Drives – HDiD Golf Academy

Neil talks through how to create a shallower back spring, which could give you those crucial extra few yards on your drive.


11 thoughts on “Shallower Swing for Longer Drives – HDiD Golf Academy

  1. Confusing as hell. Anyone reading this comment including you sir please watch mike malaska on YouTube he demonstrates this completely different. His feeling is tipping the club in front on the downswing. Watch it you'll see what I mean! I'm not saying your wrong I'm not an accomplished player like yourself but I do understand the golf swing but find it incredible how the downswing differs greatly from coach to coach on YouTube. People out there need to see their local PGA pro to put them in the right positions. Watch mike malaska you'll see what I mean. Again not saying he's right your wrong. But, you both say totally the opposite!

  2. Mo Norman "the greatest ball striker of all time" did this as well. He called it the "magic move", vertical drop and horizontal tug. Awesome video!! Thank you

  3. Thanks for sharing, that drop to the horizontal in your backswing is very much like Ben Hogans technique, I tend to do this and incorporate this in my own swing.

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