Red Alert 2: Attack Dog Behavior & Minimum Dogs to Kill

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Red Alert 2 (RA2) is an RTS that was released in 2000. As of this post people still play competitive multiplayer matches in RA2.

Attack dogs are infantry units made from the barracks that don’t have any prerequisites to make. They’re cheap, fast, lethal to infantry, and both Soviets and Allies have them, so they’re always used as opening units.

The dog fight at the start of any match where both players attempt to scout and deny scouting is a really important part of the battle that can determine the outcome of the entire match, yet the rules about when a dog is allowed to attack are poorly understood,

So I did some testing in the game and recorded it, made observations, formed a hypothesis, and offered my conclusions in the hopes that other people will see this video and discuss. Perhaps we can figure out how to take the guesswork out of dog fights.

Note on the minimum dogs to kill part of the video:
The infantry were all kept in tight groups to keep results consistent, but in practice one should keep infantry slightly spread out against groups of dogs so they have the maximum amount of time to exert their firepower.

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