Putt better with the High Low drill.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVnTJo6Xd7I&w=640&h=440]

This week we are looking at this classic performance drill. It’s perfect for your visualisation, weight and strike control.

Practice Putting Properly.
Welcome to my new winter series.
These series of tips are here to help you practice correctly, enjoy putting practice, improve your putting skills and hole more putts.

My name is Oli Leett and I run the Leett Putting Hub (LPH)
LPH offers putting lessons to all level of golfers from beginner juniors to tour players.
I specialise in coaching AimPoint and use technology such as the Sam Putt Lab to ensure we find the root cause and offer simple but effective lessons.
I love my job and strive to improve myself every single day and I’m fortunate to learn from my 4 mentors David Orr, Phil Kenyon, Mark Sweeney and Stuart Leong.

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