Puppy Housebreaking Tips

Having a hard time house breaking your new puppy?  Housebreaking  your  puppy  is the most frustrating and tiresome task with a new puppy. Here are a few  housebreaking  tips and tricks to getting your  puppy  housebroken in no time!

First in my list of  housebreaking  tips, remember it is all about your state of mind. Most of us look at house training as a negative experience, and tend to take that out on the dog. Think of this first stage as a bonding experience between you and your dog and your family. I’m not talking about the part where you are scrubbing the urine out of the carpet (the dog should probably be far away from you at that point); I am talking about your dogs need for constant supervision and the numerous trips outside. Instead of thinking about what you would rather be doing, think about how nice it is to have this time with your dog. Play with him and give him lots of praise and affection. If you make these activities fun for you, they will be fun for your puppy and that is what will ensure your training efforts will be successful.

The second idea on my list of  puppy   housebreaking  tips is to start with the house training process as soon as your  puppy  comes home. Many people let their new puppy slide for the first few days or even weeks, and this is no help to you or your puppy. Establish a spot in the yard for your puppy to go and make sure that he stays in that area until has gone. Remember that your puppy will not have full control over his bladder so don’t be too hard on him, and never discipline him after the fact. This is will be counterproductive to the training process.

The next in my list of  puppy   housebreaking  tips is to establish a routine for your  puppy . Make sure that your puppy eats at the same time every day and make sure to feed him four hours before bedtime. You will also want to make sure his water bowl is picked up out of reach within two hours of bed time. This will start to train your puppy to hold it through the night. If a puppy has a full bladder before he goes to bed, he should not be expected to hold it. He should also be taken out first thing in the morning, after every feeding time, after play time, right before bed, and when you see him sniffing around (this is usually an indication that he is looking for someplace to go to the bathroom).

And finally the last on my list of  puppy   housebreaking  tips is to make sure that when you go outside to the bathroom it is not play time. Your puppy is always up for a little fun, and no matter how adorable they are you need to make bathroom time as boring as possible. You want your dog to know the difference between going outside to play and going outside to use the bathroom. You don’t want to instill the habit of having to play for 15 minutes before using the restroom.

Source by Nicole Alexander

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