Puppy Housebreaking Tips

The first thing most new puppy owners tackle is housebreaking. Teaching a puppy to only use the bathroom outside is important since it is a lesson that every dog ​​must learn ever. First time dog owners often find the task of housebreaking overwhelming, but there are a few housebreaking tips that will help a dog owner achieve quick results.

Start Training Immediately

The most overlooked aspect of housebreaking is the need to begin working with a puppy as soon as you bring her home. A puppy should be taught to use the bathroom outside during the first three months of their life. Forgetting the most basic puppy housebreaking tips could lead to poor bathroom habits for the rest of the dog's life. Once learned, bad habits of any kind in a puppy are hard to change.

Restrict the Puppies Movements

Allowed a puppy free run of a home increases the chances for an accident to go unnoticed. One of the most useful puppy housebreaking tips to remember is to not allow a puppy to wander around the house. Keep a young puppy in a crate, cage, or small supervised area of ​​the house that is isolated using baby gates or other enclosures. This will ensure messes inside of the home are noticed and addressed quickly.

Reward the Puppy with Playtime

After a puppy has used the bathroom outside, reward her with a little bit of free time. This will teach her that using the bathroom in the right place does not have to be tedious. Let the puppy play outside for 10 minutes after using the bathroom. Soon she will associate potty time with something fun.

Puppy housebreaking tips are not set in stone. Pet owners should feel free to adapt these tips to their lifestyles and their puppies' needs. It is important to remember that housebreaking a puppy does not have to be a chore; it can be fun for both puppy and owner.

Source by T. McSpadden