Potty Training Puppies – The Key to Success

Potty training puppies can be challenging!

We all have heard the horror stories from our friends and neighbors about how difficult it is to potty train a puppy. Some people simply give up and accept that their dog will never learn. But this is not fair to you or to your puppy. So how do we achieve our ultimate goal: to keep our puppies from going all over our house? The key lies is your consistency.

Being consistent is where many dog ​​owners are hamstringing their efforts. Puppies need repetition and consistency in order to learn anything. This means walking your dog on the same route every day, using the same command phrases and giving the same praise when your dog does a good job. This also means braving the elements to take your dog outside even if it is raining or snowing.

Where many owners go wrong is switching things up. For example, if it is raining many owners would rather stand by the back door and send their puppy outside to do his business on his own. This simply will not work when potty training puppies. In fact, doing this can hinder your progress. Your puppy will become confused – thinking that going outside means he is on his own to do whatever he wants. This does not help your puppy – it only sets you up for having to clean up all sorts of stinky "presents" that your puppy will leave you. He will go inside if he is not comfortable going outside.

Potty training a puppy can be challenging. It can seem like an impossibly overwhelming task that leave many dog ​​owners looking for help.

Source by Julie Boesen