Pekingese Behavior Issues – 5 Tips For Taming Aggression In Pekingese Dogs

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Pekingese Behavior Issues – 5 Tips For Taming Aggression In Pekingese Dogs

It is not a necessity to first understand pack mentally or become a dog whisperer if you want to make out what message your dog’s aggression endeavors to pass across. Aggressive behavior among animals can be utterly dangerous. Worst of all, even the smallest dog can cause serious injury, most probably to children.

What Causes Dogs’ Hostility?

Just like other dogs, Pekingese are essentially instinctual creatures, which most times are controlled by environmental conditions and not the dog’s master. Changes in environmental conditions can result in various sorts of aggression behaviors among the Pekingese breed, for instance, predatorial, fear, dominance, territorial and many others. It is important to note that such behaviors can also develop as a result of many other issues including excessive punishment, lack of socialization, an overly aggressive owner, and health issues.

Why Should You Discourage Dog Aggression at Early Age?
Pekingese dogs are just like kids who often believe that parents owe them, so they have ways through which they can force their masters into attending to their desires. When they are supplied with what they were yearning for, they often expect more. But when their commands are not adhered to, aggression and violent tendencies may surface. Mostly, aggression among dogs is noticed at an early age.

It is advisable to seek help from a professional dog trainer as soon as you notice weird behaviors. Aggression in much older Pekingese dogs is somewhat uncontrollable, but you can do something to mitigate the effect.

How Do I Deal With Dog Aggression?

Socialization – Dogs that are not social enough usually execute the attitude of “solid offense is the best defense.” The incapability to know how to deal with humans and other animals can result in them taking aggressive and defensive stances. It is thus, the duty of the master to train the dog by taking them to social scenes.
Positive Reinforcement – Do not rebuke your Peke for his violent behaviors, since this can persuade them into being more aggressive. Avoid harsh and chaining corrections. Just focus on praising your dog always and learn how to stop them from being aggressive politely.

Dog Aggression Training Programs – Probably there is some dog aggression training programs within your locality. Why don’t you consider joining one? These programs are helpful for both old age dogs and puppies. They help them learn new tricks that can help control their aggression behavior.

Be Polite – How do you expect your dog to well-mannered when you are aggressive? Help your dog learn how to control aggression by being polite to whoever you meet.

Gratify Your Dog – Always praise your dog whenever they act polite to friends. This way your Pekingese dog will want to behave in a similar way next time. Wondering how to praise him?

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