How To Catch A Peacock Bass with Live Bait – Tutorial


Ever wondered how to catch a Peacock Bass? Well, wonder no more! In this video we give a detailed explanation on how to catch your very first Peacock Bass with live bait.

How to catch a Peacock Bass with Live Bait – Tutorial

First Step: Catch live bait with a size #12 hook and a piece of bread.
Second Step: Keep the bait in a bucket and catch some more bait.
Third Step: Grab the bait and hook it by the lip or nose.
Fourth step: Cast the bait out and wait for a Peacock to eat it.
Fifth step: Once the Peacock has eaten your bait set the hook and reel it in.

And thats it! You have now caught your first peacock bass!


Lure Fishing #1 – Hot Small River Bucktail Jig Fishing for Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, and More

Total smallmouth bass in the video: 26
Total walleye in the video: 4

Best smallmouth bass in the video: 13:40 or 5:49 or 4:53
Best walleye in the video: 2:47
Best white sucker in the video: 21:20
Best rock bass in the video: 1:38
Best fallfish in the video: 15:11

This isn’t the greatest fishing video ever made by a long shot, but it’s the video that started it all for me — the one that inspired me to make my whole Lure Fishing series. And making the Lure Fishing series in the years after led to lots of new personal bests in numbers of fish, some trophy fish, and many great adventures and experiences.

I was fishing in a small river in New York at the start of fall (September). I was jig fishing mostly with black and white bucktail jigs, and I was jigging them pretty aggressively, trying to target smallmouth bass and walleye. I also burned some spinners (blue fox and Mepps), and I caught a fish or two on a rapala. It was a cold fall morning, and the water was a little discolored. I started jig fishing and burning other lures before light at a spillway, and I ended up hopping around to a few different pools and runs to jig for more smallmouth bass. I learned later that the reason the bulldozer was driving around in the water was to set up some core sampling work for a new bridge to be built.

I talked like a robot all through the video because I was really tired and pretty excited, too — bad combination. I’ve had many better days of fishing than this one just one year since I started making the Lure Fishing series — lots of videos with much longer and many more bass, plus many videos where I target other types of fish and share the tips and techniques I pick up along the way.


Early fall bass fishing (Topwater)

had another fun time out at the lake, fished for 2 hours and really had fun with the topwater bite. caught one nice fish and all the rest were alright size. all caught on the SpitNKing popper by strike king. Fishing in northwestern illinois. hope you guys like the topwater action and will catch you guys next time. Hope to have more days like this!!


How To Catch Bass and Bluegill

Helpful Tips and Tricks on How to land these fish


How to Use Electronics to Find Deep Bass

In this video we talk sonar, side scan and down scan and talk about perspectives of each when searching for bass while out fishing deep. We also talk about where to place a buoy when fishing offshore for bass, some good fish catch footage, and some good screen shots comparing sonar to the Structure Scan screens. More videos at


Joe Balog Seminar Fall Bass fishing Lake St. Clair Hosted by Sportsmen’s Direct

Joe Balog talking fall bass on Lake St. Clair at Sportmen’s Direct 9-21-12


Super Fluke – Pond Fishing for Largemouth Bass

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Flipping Jig Bass Fishing Tips – How to Catch Bass on a Jig – Intermediate Bass Fishing Tip

Check out Stephens Hand Tied Jigs: Flipping and pitching a jig to cover is often the best technique to catch giant largemouth bass on Lake Fork. Stephen offers jig fishing tips and techniques to help you catch more bass on a jig. Standing timber, boat docks, laydowns, and grass lines are all good areas for this jig fishing technique.


How to fish docks for early-fall largemouth bass — “Hooked Up!”

Pitching and skipping docks is a great late-summer/early-fall tactic to catch largemouth bass. “Hooked Up!” Host Greg Huff and guest Jason Holmer, of, offer dock-fishing tips on a 600-acre, central-Minnesota lake. They also, inexplicably, refer early and often to a big bass they nickname “Honey Boo Boo.” Why? Tune in and find out!

The dock pattern in this show will work throughout the upper Midwest on lakes with a similar profile when weather conditions and water temps are similar.

Water temp: 88 degrees
Water color: Green (heavy algae bloom)
Water clarity: One foot, or less

MN DNR profile:

Lake size: 600-some acres
Bottom content: Mostly sand
Maximum depth: 28 feet
Forage: Bullhead, perch, golden shiners, crappie and bluegills/sunfish/pumpkinseeds
Apex predator: Northern pike
Aquatic species: “16 Varieties Sampled. Most aquatic plant species were ranked as rare, except for coontail and canada waterweed which were classified as common. The maximum depth at which aquatic vegetation was sampled was 7.5 feet.”

Hosted and edited by Greg Huff. Directed and filmed by James Holst.


Fishing Tips for Largemouth Bass Fishing, How to Fish for Largemouth Bass

The best and most up to date info on all fishing tips for largemouth bass. If you are looking for the best bass Jigs you’ll find them at


Tennessee Smallmouth Bass Fishing

I had to make time to go to the river. As much as I enjoy guns and shooting, It’s hard to beat a day on the river. BTW,I caught all the big ones. Sorry, Eric, I must tell the truth. 🙂


Split Shot Rig for Deep Water Smallmouth Bass

Using a split shot rig and live bait for deep water smallmouth bass fishing in the summer. Fishing Butternut Lake in Eagle River, Wisconsin area. –


HOW TO: Catch Roaming Bass – X-tip #6 – XZone Lures

Bass aren’t always tight to cover. Take a look and pick up a few tips on how to catch roaming bass.


Looking Shallow for Early Fall Bass Fishing

We review some options for fishing bass as they move out of their deep summer haunts to shallower fall feeding areas. This will be a multipart series of videos geared towards helping anglers follow the fish as they transition. Let us know if you like the more serious or more fun with it videos.


Which Lures for Fishing Fall Transition

Jason talks about some of his favorite lures and locations for finding those bass that come out of their summer haunts to start feeding in more shallow transition areas.

Baits shown:

Strike King Baby Burner –

Buckeye Mop Jig –

Buckeye Su-Spin –

Spro Fat Papa –

Rapala DT 10 Custom Ink

Strke King KVD 1.5


How to Use Poppers | Catching Big Smallmouth Bass

Colin McKeown from The New Fly Fisher discusses how to use poppers to catch smallmouth bass. Colin is fishing at Hawk Lake Lodge which is famous for the large number of smallmouth which can be readily caught on topwater presentations. Smallmouth at Hawk Lake go up to 23″ or more, with several catch & release world records caught over the past few years. A must go destination for


How-to Customize Your Bass Jigs to Catch More Fish

A quick demonstration of a few things I do to customize my jigs. Doing this will change the action, improve hookups and catch more fish.


Jig Fishing for Bass in Deep Water

Catching some bass from deep structure using jigs.


Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing | Wisconsin’s Chippewa River | Hayward Fly Fishing Company

Fun day float trip in the middle of summer (July) fly fishing for smallmouth bass, northern pike and muskie on Northern Wisconsin’s Chippewa River near Hayward, Wisconsin.

The fly fishermen and fly fisherwoman missed a few, caught a few and had a fun time on a beautiful stretch of Wisconsin river.


Fishing Texas Rigs for Smallmouth Bass in Deep Grass

Fishing deep grass for smallmouth with the REINS ax claw
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Top 10 Smallmouth Bass Lures

My top 10 Hard/Soft Smallmouth Bass Lures.
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