Our Story

Since my first love is Bass Fishing, several years back, as an

computer nerd, I decided to design websites featuring the

things I love in my life. We know have 30+ websites, most

dedicated to ‘bass fishing’, but also dog training, golfing, solar and wind power,

weight-loss and self improvement/self help in business and in

life. Some of my favorites of our websites are….(all are dot coms)

We also have corresponding Facebook pages, some with more than 15,000+ fans, like this one on Facebook!  Largemouth Bass Nation .       Or    Bass Fishing Nation   (12,000+ fans)

In Closing, watch for our sales and giveaways, on this and most all of our other websites, beginning January 3rd of 2018!

Remember, check out thousands of articles and videos on ‘all things bass fishing’ and share and like us all you can!

God Bless, and may the new year bring you and yours the best

year ever!

Randy (Randman011) Yancey,  Springfield, Missouri

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