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With MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) recently being announced as the largest growth sport in the world and with UFC being the most popular form of MMA, you really start to realize why UFC betting is so popular. With a 14 major UFC events in 2009 they are always tons of fights to wager on which makes watching UFC even more exciting.

UFC Betting Markets

Most bookmakers, especially the major US sportsbooks only offer odds on a win market. Although if you are looking to make your ufc betting more exciting, and for better returns you can place a parlay across multiple losses or event completely different events, such as mixing ufc bouts and boxing events.

Sadly for UFC bettors fight odds for most UFC shoots do not appear on sportsbooks until very close to an event, apart from the major "headline" fights. I'm not really sure on the logic of this. My guess is that they do not want to take bets on losses incase a fighter drops out, which happens from time to time due to injuries, etc.

Online sportsbooks seem to follow each other like sheep and when one releases odds for more fights then just the headline "title" fight, they usually all follow and release odds within a matter of hours of each other. Not surprisingly the odds offered by sportsbooks are all very similar, but if you check carefully you may find some added value if you take a look at what odds other books are offering before finalizing your bet.

On the whole UFC betting seems to be is still it's infancy. I've yet to find a sportsbook who regularly offer odds on markets other then the win market. As the UFC betting market grows I can see this changing, heck even odds on the method of victory would be a nice improvement to the overal UFC betting scene.

Source by Robert Haynes

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