Nick Diaz Gets A Bad Rap! Just Let Him Fight!

On the way to the fight he has been asking for Nick Diaz has had to do what he has to do and become what he has to become to do it. But was it worth it? Nick, the older brother of Nate (UFC lightweight) has had a up and down media appeal since the start. A lot of UFC fans which from my stand point may or may not be MMA fans may recall that Diaz cooked in the UFC a while back, then he left and now he is back. But for some that is all they know. MMA fans know where he has been and what he has been doing since. UFC fans may find him withdrawn and unfriendly. MMA fans know that is how he has always been. He just wants to fight, that's what he gets paid to do. That being said when you are with the UFC there is more to it than that, but when you sign Nick Diaz you kind of have to know that, MMA fans would say. GSP, Diaz next appetite who has for the most part come up in the UFC and who is tailor maid to be in the UFC is very nice and photo friendly. Diaz, who GSP called an "Uneducated fool" and someone who has "Not succeeded", seems to say Diaz does not bother him. But I would say after those comments, he sounds bothered a bit during the most recent conference call for the fight. Diaz called out GSP's words that have been on the social media and advertisements for the fight asking what made him the most disrespectful human being and why did he disserve to get beat down? GSP side stepped the issue and blamed is tweeter guy for some of it. Diaz's point which was negatively reflected in what I call the GSP friendly media made it sound like Diaz was out of line.

The way I see it GSP was the one out of line. If you are going to have someone tweet for you, they should not tweet what you want them to? If you are going to allow the hype for the fight go in a direction were you not ready to answer for those comments? Was I the only one that listened to the conference call? Reporters were saying that the other fighters on the call could not get a word in edge wise. What I heard was almost all the questions were asked to GSP or Diaz, yet they make it sound like Diaz was cutting every one off and ratting and raving the whole time. To be fare Diaz did get on somewhat of a soup box but I do not feel he was out of line too much anyways. In the big picture he was defending himself and anyone would have done the same thing. I thought it showed GSP for what some one that maybe trying to say things he may not mean then back step when asked about them. He is a great fighter and does not need to say things he may not mean, or if he does not mean them, tell everyone when confronted by the guy you are suppose to be say it about you you. Diaz is that guy that says says it explains and feels it and I think it sometimes does not come out the way people think it should.

As a MMA fan I think this is a real good fight not because of what the media would have you believe of the fighters but for what they are. I hope the UFC sees this for what it is. The best match up they could the fans. Call Diaz what you will, just call him when it's time to fight!

Source by Gerard Fillion