NBA 2K13 Tips

So I see you are looking for NBA 2K13 Tips. NBA 2k13 is a very competitive game with a steep learning curve, as controls tend to change every year. Tips that might have worked last year or the year before may not work on the new installation of the game. Not only do the controls change, but also the game mechanics and physics. With all these different changes, there are bound to be users who are not successful as they wish to be, and seek help. Luckily, I’m a 2k Veteran, and I’ve been playing the series since dream cast. I even have my own site that provides NBA 2k13 tips and also a you tube channel. But enough about me, you came here for tips and that’s what your gonna get. The first thing we have to breakdown is offense.

NBA 2K13 Offense Tips

On the offensive side of the ball, the best shot is a dunk, the second best shot is a layup, the third is a mid range jumper and the 4th is a three. It Is the same way on 2k. If you want to be successful on the offensive end in NBA 2k13, you will want to have an inside out game, thinking with a “punch it in” mentality. The highest percentage shot you will get is having your big men right under the basket. You can do this by running a pick and roll, and waiting for your big man to stand under the basket for an easy layup or standing dunk. You can also get a good jump shot off the pick if your defender goes under the screen. Even when you have this down, you still need other ways to score the ball, as your opponent will just adjust to it. A wise man once said that you want the defense to react, and not attack. Keeping the defense honest involves isolation basketball. Lets face it, you didn’t buy NBA 2k13 to run the Princeton offense with a crummy team. You brought the game to play and dominate with your favorite players such as Michael Jordan and Le Bron James. When you isolate your opponent, you want to make sure you have the space. If your opponent is playing off-ball D, push the computer off of you by running into them and step back. If it is on-ball, then give him a few odd jerky movements with some cross overs and step backs. The ultimate goal is to either get a good jump shot or drive to the basket. Using these tips, you should be able to increase your efficiency on offense.

NBA 2K13 Defensive Tips

On the defensive side of the ball, you have to decide what you are being killed with and react to it. For example, if someone was killing you with Kobe on an isolation play, you might want to switch to a zone, preferably a 2-3. If he is just running pick and rolls or just dishes it to big men under the basket, you may want to switch to a 1-3-1 zone to prevent these easy lead passes. The defensive play you pick should revolve around your opponents offensive game plan. Also, you should ALWAYS play off ball defense. Off ball defense has always been an issue of morality, but the ultimate goal is to improve your defense. I’m sure you’ve been locked up by the computer before, why not give opponent a taste of the medicine? This would also allow you to focus on the big men and perimeter threats that do not have the ball. Don’t forget to check out my website for the latest NBA 2K13 Tips and Cheats!

Source by Louis Morrison