Mike Dunaway: Hit Longer Straighter Golf Drives!

This was Mike Dunaway’s last video filmed in 2005. Mike passed away in his home of Rogers, Arkansas in 2014 at the young age of only 59.

He was hailed by many as having the world’s greatest power golf swing ever. He combined long drives with consistency and accuracy.

“Mike Dunaway is the purest swing of all the long-drives I have ever seen and he doesn’t use a gimmick club.”
– Davis Love

“Mike Dunaway has the best golf swing in the history of long driving.”
– Art Sellinger, 2 time NLDC

“He is the longest living human on Earth.”
– Greg Norman

“If Iron-Byron breaks down, they can replace it with Mike Dunaway.”
– Tommy Aaron

When Mike moved to Las Vegas, he started the Sands ‘Slam Am’ which paired up the hotel’s VIP’s with some of his long drive colleagues for a scramble tournament. The idea was soon hatched to do long drive competitions.

“Until Mike, the National Long Drive was the only competition for the whole year.” -Mike Gorton, National Champion

Dunaway’s biggest ever paycheck was $40,000 for the Japan Super Long Drive. He never made the final 8 in Nationals.

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