Locate Bass Fast with Mike Iaconelli – Bass Fishing Tips

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Mike Iaconelli's class on locating bass quickly and breaking down new bodies of water is one of the most important topics in bass fishing! Most anglers fish new bodies of water each year and all anglers have at least one thing in common, which is we all want to catch bass when we get to the lake, pond, etc. Ike's in-depth presentation on research, seasonal patterns, map study, and what to do when you finally get to the body of water is a game plan that all anglers can use as a template the next time on the water!

In Mike's full class on www.thebassuniversity.com/tv, Mike covers:
-Eliminating unproductive water prior to the fishing trip
-Narrowing the window of opportunity
-Writing down buzzwords in a notebook
-Topographic maps
-General Universal Seasonal Patterns (G.U.S.P)
-Winter patterns
-Spring patterns and migration from winter areas to spawning areas
-Migration from winter patterns
-Contour breaks, secondary points, main lake points, spawning flats
-Summertime patterns: (Deeper, Thicker, Current)
-Fall patterns (Fall Feed, Fall Transition)
-Putting your research together with G.U.S.P. and maps to locate potential areas
-Breaking down a body of water once you arrive
-Eyes and electronics
-Transmitting and search baits
-Marking the spot
-Narrowing the window of opportunity
-Sweet spots

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