Learn Affiliate Marketing Step by Step – Clickbank and Weebly Tutorial

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Resources used:
Hostgator –
Weebly –
Clickbank Marketing Training –

I have received dozens of emails and comments from people asking how to create an affiliate website with Weebly. So, I spent a couple of days planning, recording, and mostly editing, this video that goes over the entire process, step by step.

We build our site with Weebly, we found the affiliate offer through ClickBank, and we will probably do a YouTube video or two on the process ^_^

If you want to check out the site, visit and if you would like to check out the offer that we’re promoting, which covers affiliate marketing via email, you can use our affiliate link *wink* here:

The keywords that we are going after for this site are:

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Affiliate training 
How to do affiliate marketing
Learn affiliate marketing
Learn affiliate marketing step by step 
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Step by step affiliate marketing for beginners

So hop over to Google and see if we’re ranking for anything yet ^_^

I’ll do an update video for this project later on.


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