Lead the Alpha Dog knowing your Pack Structure and Dogs' Behavior Pattern

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I get my dogs in order when playing by using one simple Gigwi Squeaky Ball Toy to demonstrate how you can use it to maneuver a whole pack of dogs by knowing your dogs’ pack structure and how they like to play in their role. Understanding this can help you control the pack keeping then inorder ini public places and home. You can use a toy to move one dog and have that one dog to lead the pack if you understand their pattern.

After previous product review on Gigwi squeaky ball, we are bringing the same toy to the the park again for some exercise and play time. The toy is proven to be good fun. What I really like to show you today is how you can use a dog toy like to to train your dogs even if one of the dogs don’t like to chase the ball. I work my dogs like a pack. The toy drives Ember and Ember keeps Vinci aligned depending on where she is with the ball, this is plahing as well as training. It’s all a game to the dogs and they have had fun doing it.

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