Late Fall Early Winter “Bass” Fishing (Northern Pike special!)


Well guys, I tried my luck fishing the day after Thanksgiving as we had some unseasonably warm weather for upstate NY with a high of 58 degrees. I’ve actually never fished in NY this late into the season so I thought I’d give some cold water bass tactics a shot. Over the 4 hours I was on the water I tried everything from Jigs, Hair Jigs, drop shots, shakey heads, lipless cranks, flat side medium and deep diving cranks….but nothing. I had some toothy fish follow my crankbait multiple times but couldn’t spot any bass. I scanned the canal for about a mile stretch with my fish finder and marked bait but didn’t appear to see any bass on the graph. Right before I decided to head in I went back to an area where there were some following Northern Pike from earlier and try to get them on a Suspending Jerkbait. Success! I thought perhaps there may be some bass in the area but nada. Ended up hooking up with 3 northern’s and landing 2. Oh well, fun day out on the water anyways!


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