Kevin Garnett Shoes – How to Choose Your Pair of Basketball Shoes

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Basketball is one of the most strenuous sports. It requires a lot of active and energetic movements which include jumping and running. Basketball players look for shoes that fit them nicely, are good at supporting the different body movements and keep their feet well protected and safe from getting any injuries during the game. Kevin Garnett Shoes aims at offering all these qualities in the shoes they manufacture.

While picking your pair of basketball shoes, keep in mind that it is not important that your shoes should look good. A pair of shoes that look good but are not practical is of no use. So, what you should look for in the pair that you buy is that it should be enduring enough to protect you from getting injured during the game.

Choose a pair which is comfortable for your feet and is appropriate for all types of routines in basketball. In the basketball game, different players take different positions and therefore there are different shoes suitable for different players, based on their basketball positions. However, every player will agree that this game requires many body movements, due to which the body weight is constantly transferred to the feet.

In order to learn how you should choose your pair, you need to understand what kind of player you are. Basketball players can be categorized into three groups; Post up players, all rounder players and those players who run the floor more.

Post up players

These players are playing in the center or in the power forward positions. For these players, it is ideal to pick a pair with high tops so that it supports their ankle.

All rounder players

These players should go for mid sole shoes for all round routines.

Floor Runners

Players in this category must go for shoes which are light in weight. Their shoes should be low top basketball shoes so that they can easily take sudden movements like crossovers and sudden jump shots.

These shoes are made of materials such as synthetic, real leather and even canvas. However, most top brands use synthetic leather in their making, as synthetic leather is light in weight and it also provides durability.

Source by Mary R Trotter