Improving Your Golf With Better Equipment

When you are trying to improve your golf game, most of the emphasis is placed on either lessons or new golf clubs. Lessons can be boring and time consuming, but new clubs are exciting they can be seen as the fastest way to a better game. After all, if Tiger Woods plays great with those Nike clubs, it just makes sense that you can too.

Here are a few tips to remember when it comes to golf equipment.

– Some clubs are more forgiving than others. I have seen very experienced players that can play with a set of blade clubs and just tear up a course. For the rest of us, the cavity back, perimeter weighted clubs with a huge sweet spot are the better answer. Yes, you may not hit the ball quite as far, but more shots will end up in the fairway.

– Most people overlook the importance of the grips on the clubs. Personally, I am very bad about playing with worn grips. Do yourself a favor, have new grips put on your clubs at least once a year. It will make a big difference. Also, not many people know this, but if you have a natural tendency to draw or hook the ball, using thinner grips will help you keep this under control. Conversely, if you have a fade or slice tendency, thicker grips will help you.

– Keep you club faces clean. If you have the slightest dirt or grit on the face of the club, it can affect the flight of the ball. Be sure to clean your clubs after every round. It can make a difference. Also, even if you have new grips, wiping them down after every round can keep them tacky and help you maintain that very important grip on the club.

– Keep your golf shoes clean and make sure that they have enough grip to help you maintain a good foundation for your swing. Also, having comfortable shoes is an absolute must for a long day on the course.

– When buying a new set of clubs, consider the purchase of a factory reconditioned set of clubs [] These can save you up to 50% off the cost of a brand new set. Since the factory has certified the clubs, you can be assured that the loft and lie is correct, the shafts are in good shape, and the grips are new.

Save your extra money for that lesson that you have been putting off!

Improving your golf can be a challenge, but starting off with good equipment is a great start.

Source by Kelly J Smith

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