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Are you looking to  improve  your  golf   game ? Many golfers are they need to work on stabilization, control, coordination, strength and endurance. To have a good  golf   game  a golfer needs a strong core. If your core is strong you have a solid starting point. Flexibility and strength will be your first areas to concentrate on. Being flexible will minimize your chances of injuries. Strength building does not just mean having muscles, it also includes your endurance and cardiovascular condition. If you can  improve  your core strength your stabilization, control, coordination will  improve  and your flexibility and  game  will also.

Your physical fitness and your  golf  swing techniques determine your club head speed. I also believe that in some just having the raw talent to naturally swing the club plays a big part in club head speed. Being fit and flexible will ultimately allow you to get the maximum golf head speed. Your flexibility will also allow you a bigger back swing which also increases you club head speed. Having flexibility and being physically fit increases you club head speed which in the end allows your ball to go farther, which is what we all want to do.

Many golfers agree that the hands and wrist are the most important body part involved in the swing. The motion of the hands and wrists during the swing have the greatest effect on where the ball goes. Ones hands are a golfers best tool for the feel and action of the club during the swing. It essentially dictates not only the direction of the ball but the distance too. During a swing the golfers wrists must be able to produce a large range of motion at a very high rate of speed. Because of this the wrist and hands are the leading causes of injuries among many  golfing  professionals. It is essential that a golfer have strength in their grip and forearms to avoid injuries. The greatest stress is during the downswing portion of the swing, an easy way to avoid these types of injuries is to begin a strengthening routine for your grip and forearms.

The importance of a good  golf  swing can not be over emphasized enough. It will be your friend and protector and your guardian angel just when you need one the most. In the  game  of  golf  it is the one skill you can never practice to much or rely on the most. If you have a good swing as part of your repertoire, you will  improve  your  golf   game  quickly and more easily. If you have a  golf  club then you can always practice your swing. There are many websites online that offer a great selection of exercises and training tips for  improving  your  golf  swing. It would well worth your time to check some of them out. You never know where the one piece of advice or golf tip will come from that puts it all together for you and makes everything click for you.

Source by Sophie Beck

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