How to Train a Dog to Fetch – Top Tips

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It’s certainly the case that for some  dogs  and particular breeds learn to fetch allot faster than other breeds. If you wan to teach any  dog  to fetch then follow these steps and it shouldn’t be a problem.

Tip 1 – Stage 1

  • Make sure you use something that your  dog  has familiarity with and enjoys. I taught my first  dog  to fetch by using his favorite furry teddy (with a squeak). I used this because my  dog  already enjoyed playing with this toy so it made the  training  process easier right from the start.
  • The reason that I used a squeaky toy was it instantly focused his attention when I threw it.
  • Although ropes and tug toys maybe one of your  dog’s  favorite toys -don’t use it when  training  to fetch as your  dog  is more accustomed to tug-of-war, and will want to play this with you instead of learning to fetch.

Tip 2 – Stage 2

  • In this stage you need to place your  dog  on a leash.
  • You need to use a relatively long leash, something about 10 foot or slightly longer is perfect. The reason behind using a leash is that you don’t want to be chasing after your  dog  and trying to retrieve him.
  • The longer the leash the better as it will enable your  dog  to run to fetch his toy but with you still having an element of control.

Tip 3 – Stage 3

  • I always use treats when I am  training  any  dog  to fetch – this keep and holds their attention.
  • This stage is possibly the most difficult as you want to keep your  dog  your  dog’s  attention on the toy, the treats and on you.
  • If you are starting the fetch  training  with a puppy – do the fetch  training  over a period of about a week – keep practicing this stage by trying to hold your puppies attention.
  • When fetch  training  a puppy – make sure you end the  training  before he loses his attention – this will keep your puppy interested every time you restart the fetch  training  process.

Tip 4 – Stage 4 – Fetch

  • Right here we go…
  • Now you have your  dog  on a leash, a toy, your  dog’s  undivided attention, and a treat – You are now ready to to start the fetch  training  process.
  • Hold your  dog /puppy quite tightly on the leash and keeping his attention – wave the toy in front of him and the throw it away – only a few feet – you want it to be in your  dog’s  eye line.
  • As you throw it say in a firm voice ‘fetch’ and let your  dog  run after the toy.
  • When your  dog  has got the toy in his mouth gently draw the  dog  back in with your leash.
  • When he is within reach, offer the treat and say ‘give’ and take the toy from your  dog’s  mouth.
  • Make sure you aren’t pulling and tugging for the toy-this isn’t a game and your  dog  needs to understand that.
  • Now it’s time to praise your  dog  – make a really big deal of it make your  dog  realize that you are thrilled. Repeat ‘good  dog ‘ and pat and pet him.
  • Continue to repeat stages 4 and 5 until you feel he is getting bored or losing his attention

If you repeat this over the course of a week – any  dog  even the most stubborn breed will learn to fetch

Source by Tobias Charles

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