How to Train a Dog – Find Out Today

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Do you want to know  how   to   train   a   dog ?  Training   dogs  in general requires a lot of patience, hard work, determination, time and dedication.  Training  them are not as easy as it seems. However, it is doable. Teaching them is somewhat similar to teaching new things to children. Sometimes, you will have to do some recap every now and then. As a trainer, it is your duty to make sure that the old tricks are well mastered before you start teaching your pets some new tricks again. The length or amount of time as to when he can fully master a trick or certain  training  varies depending on  how  fast the he can absorb a lesson. They are often quoted as man’s best friend. This is probably true because among all of the animals and pets; they are the ones that can best understand and follow orders.  Dogs  are capable of learning and understanding. Properly  trained   dogs  responds very well to their owners requests or gestures. The only thing that they can’t do is to speak to humans directly.

They are classified into several categories and among the common ones are the play  dogs  and the guard  dogs . It is important that you know your  dog’s  breed because this will help you understand the nature of your  dog  better. For example: Shit Tzus are playful by nature and they are also known as toy  dogs . If you are planning  to   train  these types on  how  to properly guard a house, you may do so. However, you cannot expect them to be as agile and as aggressive as guard  dogs .  How   to   train   a   dog  also requires some basic knowledge about  dogs  itself. They are like humans because each breed has its own uniqueness, weaknesses and strengths. As a trainer and owner, it is better if you can identify these strengths and weaknesses as early as possible so that you can customize or design a specific  training  program for your  dog .

Never hit your pet as a form of punishment because this will not help at all. Your  dog  might either turn out to be a very aggressive  dog  or a traumatized  dog . They are like humans and so hurting them may lead them to rebel.  How   to   train   a   dog  properly starts from teaching your  dog  the meaning of the word “No” so that whenever he/she hears that word, he/she would know that you are asking him/her to stop. It’s okay to raise your voice so that the  dog  will understand that you are not happy with what he’s doing. Learn to reward your him if he has perfectly done what you’ve ask him to do. Having a pet means learning to accept a new responsibility and you cannot simply give up each time your  dog  fails to do whatever you’re asking him to do because you will have to understand that some learn faster than the others and that is normal.  Dogs  are one of the most loyal pets and companions. It is believed that  dogs  are keen to their owner’s feelings so show them that you care.

Source by Fatima Edris

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