How to Train a Bulldog

A bulldog is a popular breed that most people keep as pets. They are powerful, vivid and have a wonderful personality. One thing that bulldogs are mostly known for is the fact that they are stubborn. Training them can be frustrating, but with the right approach they can easily be taught to take orders. The fact that they are also intelligent and devoted makes it easier to train them. This article will focus on how to train a bulldog using the most effective methods.

There are different breeds of bulldogs. People should know the specific breed that they have. It will help in determining the best approach to use. Some breeds are known to be more stubborn than others. This information is valuable to the dog owner. The bulldog should be trained with consistency and firmness. The trainer should, however, not raise the voice level too much when commanding the dog; otherwise the bulldog will just ignore an individual.

The use of trips is extremely beneficial in training. Each time the dog obeys an order, the bulldog's obedience should be rewarded with a treat. The bulldog will get to associate obeying a command with a treat and this will motivate the dog.

The use of a clicker has proven to be effective. A clicker is basically a device that clicks. It is used to make the dog follow directions. It is also effective when you want to train the bulldog something new and different. Instead of giving the bulldog a treat right away after obeying a command, a person should first click the clicker, before giving the dog the treat. The secret to this method of training is to do it regularly. After sometime the trainer should minimize the trips.

It is advisable for a trainer to pair a command with an action. This will not only make the training process faster but will also make it simpler. Each time a person says a word, one should also use a hand signal so that the dog can associate the two together.

Training a bulldog takes time. It is advisable to work with the dog regularly and use similar routines to help the bulldog to learn faster. An individual should train the dog one thing at a time. With proper training, a trainer will be able to make the dog to sit, stand and do other actions by just using words and a few hand signals.

Source by Justin B Stuart