How to Teach Your Dog to Jump

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After learning the foundation tricks of “sit!” “stay!” and “come!” have your dog try their paws at a jump.

Step 1: Set up the jump
Set up the dog jump. For a small dog, set the bar at the lowest rung; for a medium- or large-sized dog, raise the bar to about 12 inches.

Step 2: Teach the “Hup!”
Put the leash on your dog and have them sit next to you. Walk them quickly towards the jump and give the voice command “hup!” If they hesitate or stop by the bar, gently lift them over the bar.

Step 3: Raise the bar
Repeat until your dog jumps each time you say “hup!” Reward a good jump with a treat and words of praise. As they master one level, raise the bar another inch and try at a higher level.

Always use positive reinforcement when teaching a new trick.

Step 4: Remove leash
Remove the leash. Give your dog the “stay!” command and walk around to the opposite side of the jump. Keep in sight of your dog.

Step 5: Try it solo
Clap your hands over the jump bar while giving the “come!” command. When they reach the bar, give the “hup!” command. Reward good solo jumps with words of praise and a treat.

Did You Know?
In 2006, a Florida dog named Cinderella May performed a record-setting jump of 68 inches.


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