How to Practice Tennis at Home

Sports such as golf allow players to practice in their own homes, but can you do the same for tennis? The question is what can you safely do with a racket in your own home that will help you improve your game. One idea is to practice soft short volleys catches with either a regular ball or perhaps a foam ball to be a little safer inside the house. The first thing to do is find the continental grip — find it by choking up and holding the racket like a hammer; if your racket handle hits underneath your arm you have a continental grip! Then start off by choking up and doing just one toss and one “catch” making sure to create backspin or underspin and then gradually hitting two and three in a row. One test to check that you maintained that continental grip, is to alternate forehand and backhand toss and catches, and if you get the same amount of backspin you have a continental grip. Mastered that? Move up to the next level by sliding your hand down on the tennis racquet grip from that choked up position and trying the same exercise. BUY FOAM BALLS NOW: