How To Make Money Writing Posting Stories, Blogs & Content Online? Daily Hustle #139

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In today’s video, I answer a question posted on Quora that says:

“Can one earn money by posting stories to the Internet?”

Having earned a little over $1800 by posting my content on a particular site, (you’ll discover the site in this video) I have a good answer for this.

For most people, this is a question about blogging, but blogging is not an immediate money maker.

It can take a long time to get your blog to be ranked and seen as credible in the eyes of the search engines, so it can take time (months) to get a blog to make money.

What I describe in today’s video is a cool, new social network / blogging platform that generates payouts to you on your blog posts almost instantly.

This is a very cool way to get paid as a writer or content creator and I am experimenting with ways to build my account up.

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