How to hit longer drives: Get separation for power!


In this video Terry shows how to hit longer drives and key is to get separation.

When our golf shots go South what is normally the cause? Well, in most cases we lose our width and we get short an narrow. We prevent this move by always swinging around the spine. The spine stays centered while the arms extend in the backswing. This is how to hit longer drives more consistently.

As the body swings back on the center spine axis, the arms extend away from the body to keep the golf club on plane. As a result of the extension you create power to hit longer drives with the driver or with irons.

On the backswing your head stays behind the ball, your weight shifts to the right while there is more weight on the left leg. This can only happen if your had stays behind the ball. If your head moves forward of the ball then a REVERSE C will occur on the downswing. This is not the way on how to hit longer drives. So as you swing the power separation and transfer takes place in a fraction of a second.

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