How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight Every Time | How to Drive the Ball Straight in Golf

How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight Every Time:
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If you play golf, you know that the main goal of a golf game is to make sure that you hit the golf ball straight to your target. For those who are just starting on the sport, it may be a bit difficult to pick up! But don’t worry, as there are certain exercises and methods you can follow in order for you to learn how to hit a golf ball straight!
How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight
1. Tee the ball high so you can strike the ball easily and get more distance.
2. Make sure that you have the proper grip on your golf club: Not too tight, but not too loose to lose your control over it. Do a neutral grip and find whatever is comfortable for you to make a strong swing. Also, make sure that you grip the club high for better accuracy.
3. Alight your club head and ball, pointing straight to your target.
4. Practice proper positioning. Stand in line with the tee and ball, with your left toe pointing at it. Have a wide stance where your feet are opened to the target. You can also have a closed or neutral stance, where your feet are either away or in line with the target. You will find what works for you after a few tries. Just make sure that your weight is equally shifted to both feet and that your head is behind the ball.
5. Make a backswing while keeping your club head inside the ball. This will help you avoid the dreaded outside-in swing, which would have your ball fly completely off the target.
6. Now hit the ball with a good amount of strength for the speed and distance. As long as you have the proper position and swing properly, you will be able to hit the golf ball straight.
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