How To Get The Basic Golf Swing Right!

I can remember the first time I ventured out onto a golf course and tried to hit the cover off the ball on the first tee. My memory of that inauspicious debut was a skewed shot which disappeared into the bushes to the right and became just another lost ball statistic. My basic golf swing technique for starters was crappy but more importantly, I didn’t really understand the mechanics of the golf swing.

The end result of that very first game was a large triple figure score and about fifteen golf balls which never saw the light of day again. Oh, I can laugh about it now but if you want to know what epitomised embarrassment I’m here to tell you it was yours truly on that fateful day.

Can you as a novice draw similar comparisons? Well, if you haven’t mastered the basic golf swing yet and you plan on improving your driving, chipping and putting then read the rest of this article.

Physics And The Basic Golf Swing

Before you can even think about using brute strength in you swing you need to understand golf isn’t really a game about power. It’s more timing and that’s why it’s a good idea to examine your clubs closely. Notice how each one is designed just a little differently than the other. The three iron has a more flatter blade than the nine iron. The three iron is designed for hitting the ball longer distances while the nine iron is designed for more up and under.

Getting into the habit of using the appropriate club for the appropriate play will get you forming good basic golf swing habits. It’s a similar story with the driving woods. In most cases, you’ll have a selection to choose from. I have four and my favorite is the fairway wood. It’s designed to be used as the follow up to the tee shot on a long range hole and used correctly, is very effective in getting a clean, crisp shot away without forcing the shot with unnecessary power.

Golf Exercise

Believe it or not, one of the keys to maintaining a good basic golf swing is fitness, or being golf fit if you like. Identifying your golfing muscles is important and if you are not sure, ask an experienced golfer. No, it doesn’t mean you need to spend five days in a gym building up to Mr. Universe levels. Simple golf stretch exercises; some involving use of a club and others just basic body stretches. You’ll be surprised how effective muscle conditioning will help your basic golf swing movement.

Enlisting the services of a short term coach is a great way to learn the basic skills. It’s like building a house; get the foundation right and you have something to build on. A coach will quickly pin point your problem areas and address them quickly. Ask at your favorite clubhouse the next time you’re there.

The basic golf swing in many ways is like a player’s “holy grail.” Once it’s mastered, you can then plan for bigger and better things, including the odd power drive off the tee!

Source by Dean Caporella